pinephone-utils – small but useful miscellaneous things I use on my PinePhone, some exclusive to Sxmo, some especially useful in combination with the/a physical keyboard as global shortcuts.

Currently including:

pp-flashlight – Toggle flashlight
pp-brightness – Increase or decrease brightness by 5%, toggle between 0%, 50% and 100% or set it directly
pp-audio-output – Set the PinePhone’s audio output port (speaker, earpiece, headphones) – Toggle Sxmo auto suspend – Set the Sway scale factor or toggle it between customisable values – Get the currently used download and upload bandwidth, either for the status bar or to log it
sway-random-wallpaper – Set random wallpapers for all or specified monitors
wp-output – Set the WirePlumber audio output device based on the first one that matches the given keyword
bluetooth-toggle – Toggle or set Bluetooth

@Phalio hiii i was thinking about learning more abt arm and was planning on picking up a pinephone as my second phone. any advice / os recommendations????

@private hi :) most people would probably suggest arch or postmarketos with phosh or sxmo. i have never used postmarketos so i cant comment on that but arch uses megis kernel (megi does kernel stuff and lots of other things for the pinephone) so you will get the latest improvements and features earlier. phosh is more like a regular phone ui while sxmo is more unique, faster, more energy-efficient and entirely customisable as it is just sway with a couple of shell scripts to make it usable on a phone. plasma mobile is also similar to modern phone uis but notorious for its very frequent crashes and bugs, but that could of course be taken as an opportunity to help a project out. the default manjaro+plasma experience is definitely not the best. you might also want to manually upgrade the modem as it comes with outdated and i believe vulnerable firmware, an improved foss firmware exists.

@private i personally use arch+sxmo with the physical keyboard addon (as my only mobile device) and i love it. its like a little pocket laptop that seamlessly integrates with my desktop pc and my raspberry pi server, i can ssh and rsync between the three of them however i want as its just a phone-sized gnu+linux computer that i can fully make my own just like my desktop and pi, unlike regular smartphones.

@Phalio is the pinephone OS based on debian? trying dpkg extract install of the archive didnt seem to work on an L5

@goatwildernesscollective there is no "the pinephone os", there are many distros for the pinephone, including debian-based ones. im not sure i understand your second sentence, could you elaborate on what exactly youre trying to do?

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