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[8-Bit Cover] Route 201 (Day) | Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

A small path through a lush, green, wooded area. The densely grown trees give off a thick aroma.

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[8-Bit] Center (Day) | Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Hello, and welcome to the Pokémon Center. We restore your tired Pokémon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokémon?

Descriptions of pain and blood regarding wisdom teeth surgery, an X-ray image of a human skull 

ladies and gentlefolks, i am now officially and entirely wisdomtoothless! details:

tldr: again no pain during the quick and smooth procedure, no proper painkillers on the first day was not fun but its alright now

speaking of which i oversalted my rice its barely edible

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also i hate how if you want to place more than 2 things on a 2×2 table they have to be placed in the corners

i can truly be jeannes-jacques flâmbéè the infamous i-would-give-–5-sters-if-i-could chef now but i cant properly put my dishes on a table, on the sides where people actually sit

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i got so caught up in my perspective rant that i forgot the most important thing (besides sable):


now i can truly feel at home in my house

i wonder what the customisation will be like it would of course be great if you could put a custom design on each monitor but that would most likely be too good to be true

maybe in a free minor update in 1, 2 years

also i want a variation of this with a big mouse mat for healthy and accurate slow arm movements, an ergonomic split column-staggered qmk keyboard, no 500 $ smart rgb gaming hanger for headsets because arm rests can do the same thing for free, more space on the desk to put the tower on top of it for easier access and more showing off, a bottle of water and 1, 2000 cables

but if i cant have that ill take this one i guess

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(her expression and body language look very relatable considering the external factors of a social gathering of more than 3 people in a public place)

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and in first person it feels really weird, its like walking out of spawn during setup time in ow/tf2 only using the keyboard while eating with the mouse hand and trying to find ones way through the map without turning, or like my weird reoccurring sleep paralyses + false awakenings in which i can sometimes somehow fight to get up but i cant turn my head relative to the room

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i love the first person camera (app) mode it feels so much more real and immersive but the fixed camera is even worse like this

i already dont like that you cant turn the camera in 3rd person mode it feels stale and less immersive to always see the same viewpoint; in what is commonly referred to as the real life, everything (rooms, routes) appears very different and therefore fresh and exciting if looked at from a different perspective like walking a known route in the opposite direction or even sitting on a different chair at the table; apart from that it can be annoying when stuff obstructs the view which would be so much better with full camera control, which they added for inside homes so why didnt they do that everywhere

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id probably be a lot healthier if i could work out with my beloved cute virtual fictional friends

also there are non-villager villagers does that mean i can exercise with SABLE :O

(or will she be ignored like how theres a switch pfp of every irrelevant extra but not sable)

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extremely excited about all the new stuff, though i do think its a little unfortunate theyre adding some old features only now

gwenviews multi image view is perfect for references i dont have to juggle around and position 10, 20 windows and my task bar is much cleaner

i recently discovered this feature by accident

im just not used to having features from my windows years

have you ever had a dream that, you would, you could, you had someone about to tell you something important, they just started talking and reached the word “because”… and then your alarm goes off and youll never know the reason but you could have known had the alarm gone off just a little later

I hate it when I Ctrrl+Q when I want to Ctrl+W

Asking for financial help 

Hey folks - things are starting to look up, but I’m still in the hole right now. I have less than $50 at the moment and have bills to pay at the end of the month. I really hope this is the last month I have to ask, but: I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. My Patreon and PayPal accounts are below:

I also have a GitHub Sponsors that accepts one-time payments, though I receive payouts slowly there:

recently when my brother switched his pc on it allegedly made a sizzling noise and activated what is apparently known as the residual current circuit breaker in the english language. afterwards the pc didnt turn on anymore. according to the interwebs that means the power supply is faulty. i visited him and replaced it yesterday (simply and quickly switching out the psu sounds like it takes 2 minutes but it of course took 2 hours, mostly because it took a while to figure out how to remove the psu cover and to put the back/side cover on again (how are all those cables supposed to fit in that tiny space), but at least the cpu cable was long enough, the old one was so short that i could barely plug it in after a lot of struggle) and it fixed the problem, his pc is working again!


found this lovely little one (6 cm / 2.3″) on the outside of my shower

fortunately right when i got the glass it miraculously scuttled to the ground and stopped in the middle of the floor where i could easily catch it

i set it free at a distance from the house so it hopefully wont come back

anyway im off to take a nice relaxing shower

oral surgeon removed my 2 right wisdom teeth a week ago, this is what really happened™, ill be updating it until its over™

discord + steam account hijack + phish currently spreading among my brothers’s’s friend’s, please report immediately at

ill post my wisdom teeth story tomorrow

also if you know who arcadum is take a look at my next toot

i guess that solves that question

unless of course its also just the interpretation of the new developers

btw poll results from mastodon+twitter+me:
version 1: 2 votes
version 2: 4 votes

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