Hi Kizzy
Hope you are ok
I'm using twitter as well now

Nature's stolen moments

Slowly getting the hang of posting on here. Could do with a few more followers.....

I really like the idea of being able to use 1000 characters....I'm sure that will in some ways reduce the animosity from Twitter as it will be easier to develop an argument.

I miss some of my old followers....not one though!

Here's a picture....hope you like it. A Great Crested Grebe with its young (humbugs)....check out the tongue!

An old picture.....just while I'm working out how to interact on here.
A baby gosling.

@skiptomyloulou ooooh I think I've done it. Now I've only another 375 things to find out lol

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Hi @skiptomyloulou hope you are ok....how do I remove the padlock from my account?

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