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Talos Principle DLC final thoughts 

►I think I liked this overall more than the main story. Seeing the culture of Gehenna was way more interesting than the God/Devil dynamic of the base game.
►You get accused of kidnapping after freeing others, but it seems to me they are willing leaving their cells? There is a mention that states they feel irresistibly compelled to go once freed, but it's not really explained.
►A couple of puzzles were short and lame, but maybe I just understood what to do right away. It's hard to judge.
►It seems every puzzle had a star and they did not seem as hard to get compared to the base game. I only had 7 at the end and I didn't put too much effort into getting them.
►I picked cooperate in the Prisoner's dilemma every time even though I know better. The mods mention how open and honest I was in the story. Neat touch.
►Overall a satisfying game and would recommend if you like puzzles.

I had a rather unproductive weekend, but I'm staying positive to knock out some tasks this week.

I'm enjoying The Talos Principle DLC so far. For a couple puzzles I'm not sure if I solved them in the intended manner. I'll have to look it up when I'm done.

I spent way too much time today comparing card sleeve prices mostly to what I had paid the last time I needed some. Note to past me: buy more sleeves!

Raptor: Call of the Shadows thoughts 

►Fairly simple and repetitive gameplay. It has it's challenging moments.
►Machine Gun / Laser turret are must buys. The auto aim helps immensely for clearing the screen and for killing bosses while avoiding most of their attacks.
►The end game was clearly balanced around the Twin Laser and I don't see how you could get through without it.
►Late game levels have way too much spam to be enjoyable. The lasers are instantaneous and might hit you the the second the enemy appears on screen.
►You can save in between missions so you basically have infinite lives.
►You can replay sectors you have already finished if you want to farm money. It's a great fallback if you get stuck.
►Thank the steam guide I followed to adjust DosBox for the smoothest experience.
►Overall a fairly mediocre game, but it did satisfy childhood me who always wanted to play the whole thing.
►Bombs are slow and they suck

The shoes I started wearing this spring already have worn some cracks in the sole. I found this out when my feet got wet from the rain this morning. What a disappointment.

Despite complaining the weather is too hot in the summer I'm always a little sad once it starts to cool down. Maybe I just like it warm enough where it's comfortable to not wear socks.

I've started playing Raptor: Call of the Shadows and it is exactly like I remember it. I only got to play the demo when I was a kid. The game is very repetitive so I'm not sure if I will bother playing it to the end.

Aggelos final thoughts 

►Back half of the game is more of a slog. I was trying to avoid enemies more often then not since it was faster.
►They also added extra enemies after a plot point even though you really aren't traveling through most areas again. Screw you if you missed something, I guess.
►The game wants to be a schmup sometimes with the projectile spam.
►Again, save points should be at the start of the dungeon. Air dungeon enemies hit really hard and backtracking past 12 enemies (plus bullet spam) in a long hallway every time you want to save or refill your potions was a huge annoyance.
►I beat the air dungeon boss on the first try at least.
►I feel like the last few bosses I tried to dodge well early then just face tank and out DPS them late. If the bosses had less health I gladly would have dealt with proper patterns for getting hits in.
►I had a B rank with 93% completion.

Alright, data collection time:
If you were to watch a gaming stream, are you more likely to watch if the host:

Picked up a new TV stand at a garage sale. My previous one wasn't long enough to fit the TV properly and now there is enough shelf space to keep my consoles hooked up. I just need to replace one of the missing shelf pins and get an A/V splitter and I'm good to go.

Done with work, time to clear my head with some fresh air on a walk.

Aggelos thoughts 

►Old school style action platformer, but with more sensible modern design
►Small areas make the exploration quick and back tracking quicker
►Plenty of reason to revisit old areas once you get new powers
►Elemental powers are neat, but I wish they were a little more user friendly. Earth power lets you turn enemies into platforms only if you hold the button down. I kept releasing too early.
►Bosses have been fine so far. I died on the first one the most since I was still getting used to the controls.
►A save point at the start of the dungeons would be appreciated. If spamming heals from it would be a problem, then don't let it heal you?
►Your herb gets used automatically, so if you die and want to continue you don't have the herb. You either waste time reloading from your save or running back to town for another herb.
►Everything is way too tanky in the fire area even with the dragon sword. Seriously.

Won a game of Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition while wearing my terraforming mars shirt.

Gotta win in style 😎​

I just so happened to watch the Dr. Fraiser Crane day episode today and today is Dr. Fraiser Crane day! Wow!

I dug an old netbook out of the closet recently and I just finished installing Linux Mint on it. I'm hoping to give the device a second life. This is my first baby step into using Linux.

I started playing Aggelos today. Fairly simple and enjoyable action platformer so far.

Also despite using the same xbox 360 controller for years today it caused my finger to swell and stiffen. I held it the same why I always hold it. Perhaps I was clutching it tighter than I thought during an intense boss battle.

Doom 64 final thoughts 

►Later levels are a bit worse for enemies spawning right on top of you.
►The games skips from level 24 to the final boss on level 28.
►Most levels let you backtrack to pick up stuff before going to the next level. Later levels start to subvert this.
►Later levels were a bit of a slog, but maybe I was just getting tired of playing.
►Final boss is bullshit and I have no regrets for looking at a walkthrough after my 30th death.
►Seriously, extremely accurate homing rockets that are faster than you? And they are fired in sets of four as often as the boss wants?
►I played on hard and even with blue armor I was dying in a few hits to those rockets.
►Pain Elementals also suck. The flaming skulls are already a pain in the but in large numbers or open areas and Pain Elementals spawn them in pairs as fast as they can.
►Overall the game was an enjoyable experience for Doom and classic FPS fans. Glad it got ported to PC!

7 more seasons of Frasier and I can finally read this book I have about the making of Frasier. Did I mention I am watching Frasier? It's about Frasier!

Doom 64 thoughts 

►Like many I thought this was just a port of Doom to the N64. It's only after I heard a review that explains this game has its own levels.
►It's basically the doom you know and love
►Enemies can just spawn in anywhere which did get me killed a few times. You can't hit them as they are spawning so they also might shoot you as soon as they are 'real'. It's not too different from having enemies pop out of the walls though.
►There are dart traps and illusion traps which are used sparingly to keep things interesting.
►There's a new gun but I'm not sure how good it really is.
►There's a good variety in the types of levels. Some are more puzzle based and some more battle based. There was a particular level with an automatic homing rocket turret thing that was really annoying.

I'm about 20 levels in. I think there's only 30 levels or so.

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