The worst part of dating plural systems is the semantics


@SophiaSurname hi im three dogs, one of whom is a ghost, and also sixty-three homestuck characters (two of whom are those dogs), a deltarune character, and an earthbound character, but im also dave
- dave

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@Paradox it almost gets simpler when you lay it all out like that

@SophiaSurname well we didnt factor in the two minors, numerous age sliders who are SOMETIMES minors, the amount of people from noncanon or otherwise separate-but-related homestuck content, the amount of them that are jade harley (four last i counted)...
- dave

@Paradox for any interested parties I am not dating the minors

@SophiaSurname i mean duh but also yeah good to mention just in case someone decides to interpret this in the most aggressively shitty way possible huh
- dave

@Paradox we're not on twitter so no one will, but it's a habit that's got enough potential benefits I will not break it

@SophiaSurname smart smart
point is yea this is not a simple situation but at least you dont have to share a body with it lmfao
- dave

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