are clowns hot

"i have the iq of a neutron star and i am maybe twice as dense" - jade harley 2020 @Paradox

Did I even write any keters? I was such a safe/Euclid bitch

I just give Yiffy emokid wolverine hair, don't I. xD
#ArtPlatyprocess #WIP

@SophiaSurname I love her lack of clothes and corporeal form! go girl give us nothing

Unexpected skyrim behavior: A ghost of a vigilant of stendarr who is standing in the road where some vampire killed her and stole her clothes and then a modded ritual stone resurrected her.

she's just. an npc now.


JADE: i miss being consequential!
JADE: at least back on my island i knew i would be consequential EVENTUALLY!!!
JADE: why cant someone cause problems that force me to act in ways other than sitting in my home and hiding! why am i so weak! aaauuuugh!!!!!

YIFFY: Why do all the adults have cool emojis or symbols or whatever the fuck
YIFFY: When do I get a cool signifying image

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