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My OC Rednut. Don’t eat him he melts in the mouth

🎨 art by the amazingly talented Thank you again for this awesome ref!

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moderation on any large public space online is fucking impossible. i've moderated smaller areas and it is fucking. Impossible. if you think it's easy and not hard this is because you do not have actual experience and are quite probably a bad moderator. it's genuinely that simple.

everyone wants all the content they hate banned from the internet but no one considers the fate of the guy who has to watch 200 hours of snuff films on youtube to determine whether or not the mod reports are fake

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VRChat avatar commission for
Hewie, featuring his smol but very fluffy charr. The #VRChat port was done by @Rengyr !

Thank you for the commission, and I hope you have fun in VR!

#GuildWars2 #Charr

"Quick draw" rewards for patrons this month!

I use these to try new things and practice drawing faster ✨

made in #krita

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource

Heyo. Post your #Furry ref under here if you're cool with me drawing ya. I wanna occasionally doodle stuff for cool fedi peeps.

What's a kobold's favorite band? 

Imagine Dragons

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