So disturbed by the stripping of citizenship of Aatish Tasheer. This PM remains the most insecure leader of our times. Doesn't handle criticism with a pinch of salt but instead goes all out with bazookas. When even Lord Ram was not spared from criticism, why does he, a mere mortal, think he is above it?

@Padmapriya what a fool she has been to openly support the criminal despotic regime ... it was just a matter of time anyway

@navneetmathur agree but the act in itself is aimed at warning others who want to criticise the govt.

@Padmapriya so many hundreds of poor ordinary people are being stripped of citizenship by NRC. Monstrous

@Frenym Absolutely. Monstrous doesn't even begin to describe the horror that is unfolding in our country between the NRC & Citizenship Bill.

Can I qualify it a bit more...
Son of one of biggest Feku fan gurl...
And apparently, the son too was also accepting of Feku.
And still...
The vindictiveness of it all is very concerning, but the, isn't the man known to be that way ?? Vindictive and petty !

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