Heads up, lazy-ass HS students: your teacher can always tell when you are plagiarizing. ALWAYS.

You've never used the word "avail" before. You've probably never SEEN the word "avail" before. You likely don't even know what "avail" means.

Cut the bullshit and fail with dignity.

I've never been offered the opportunity to IP, and I usually demur if asked "if I could write any, which would I write?"

However, there are a few stories I'd like to tell.

One is a Star Wars tale set in the sequel era. This one I'm actually actively plotting out because...I have to (personally). Writing Star Wars would be a real full-circle sort of win, as it was the original trilogy that began my delving into geekdom, truly.

The second is a sequel to the old ride Body Wars (you know, the one with Tim Matheson, Elizabeth Shue, and motion sickness galore?). I wrote out a couple issues of script, and even have some beautiful character sketches from
my friend Jimmy Kucaj. So...maybe someday?

The third one is a Blues Brothers prequel. It would cover the last days before the band gets broken up and Jake gets thrown in jail for robbing a gas station to cover the room service from the Chiwanous gig. That one'd be a real love letter!

Say what you will about narrowcasting, there's still an indelible attractive power about live primetime events. I'll be very interested to see what the Committee reveals about what it knows (and what it doesn't), and I definitely want to know how many people end up watching.

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Millions across America watched McCarthy tank his own career through bullying and "no sense of decency". By the end of the year, he was censured by the Senate. Never before had we seen someone's political career implode so publicly.

1973: The Watergate hearings air during daytime on ABC, CBS, and NBC. It was also on PBS, gavel-to-gavel. 85% of American households watched at least a portion. Variety called it “the hottest daytime soap opera”.

These hearings lead to the indictment of 40 Nixon administration officials, several convictions, the beginning of the impeachment process against the president, and the end of Nixon's presidency - he resigns a little over a month later.

Here's the thing, though. Kefauver, McCarthy, Watergate - all were held during the day (in fact, Kefauver's proves that people want to watch TV during the daytime). They all occurred during normal business hours. The is going live AT prime-time.

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I'm more excited about the prime-time hearings than I have a right to be. Maybe cuz I teach . Maybe cuz it's never been done before. Historically, when Cong. hearings have been televised (on networks), it's a BIG DEAL. LET'S GO TO THE TAPE:

1951: Sen. Estes Kefauver takes on the Mob, live on television, in hearings related to interstate gambling. For many, it becomes one of the first examples of must-see-TV with entire blocks gathering around the "neighborhood" set.

The hearings confirmed the existence of a nationwide network of criminal syndicates. 30 million people watched, and nearly 3/4 of American adults were familiar with the Committee's work. The Kefauver hearings were really the beginning of the end of the Mob.

1954: Senator and professional drunk Joe McCarthy tries to expose the Army as full of Commies (additionally, the security risk of homosexuals). The hearings were broadcast live, gavel-to-gavel.

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What we should arm teachers with.

New books. High tech equipment. Higher wages. Smaller classes.

Hey lovers - you can now pick up a real, physical copy of two of my comics: HAPPINESS IS A WARM BUN and THE NEW AMSTERDAM GAME are on the shelf at
Chicago Comics! Go support a local creator and a local shop!

4-yr college grad rates for Black students: 21%. For Hispanic/Latin@, 32%. Whites at 45% and Asians at 50%.

Is there a big race gap? You bet. But it's not like everyone's doing an amazing job - in fact, Dan would call these numbers "failing" grades.

So yeah, we can have a very long discussion about standards, testing, college perseverance, and race. And experts - people who know a shit ton more than me and certainly more than Dan - are having that discussion, every day.

But certainly no answers come from a) disparaging a HS for a grading system that they themselves have said they don't have (oprfhs.org/news/1742090/statem); and b) making a bullshit post that anyone that has ever actually taken the SAT could pick apart.

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Third, there is no FAILING grade on the SAT. Now, we could say that students, based on this test, are not college-ready. That would have been a fair basis of argument, instead of this fallacious crap this guy posted.

But we also know that the SAT is geared towards white males from stable backgrounds, and we've known this for quite some time: brookings.edu/blog/up-front/20 (Look at me, citing an actual source and providing a link)

We could make an argument that black/brown students are not meeting state standards (since that's what the ISBE is measuring on their site). We would also need to know what they consider 'minimal', 'incomplete', 'adequate,' understandings.

We would also need to know WHAT those standards are, and if/how they relate to skills needed for college. We would also need to know WHO made those standards, and how they are measured - do they, in essence, reflect what is expected from white males from stable backgrounds?

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Look at this nonsense. First, if you're gonna cite a source, actually include the actual source: illinoisreportcard.com/School.

This is a key skill I teach my students, because it builds credibility.

Second, I don't know any sophomores that take the SAT. I know plenty of juniors that do, and that's what the data you've cited indicates - only for the ELA portion of the test, mind you; you didn't look at the math portion (don't, you'll just make yourself madder).

So I'll just chalk up that error to a misstatement.

QT @DanProft@twitter.com

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, 38 percent of OPRF sophomore students taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) failed.

The OPRF failure rate was 77 percent for black students, 49 percent for Hispanics, 27 percent for Asians and 25 percent for whites.

I'm now at the point in the school year where I no longer tell students they are missing work and their grade is suffering because of it.

I've been doing it all year, and I'm tired. At some point, the kid has to give a shit and want to pass.

Now partway through Ch. 9 of my novel (1st draft). Averaging ~2500 words per chapter, and shooting for a total between 90k-120k. So I have a ways to go. It's a wildly different experience than scripting a , that's for sure!

No constitutional right is absolute. Never has been. Never should be.

So let's stop pretending the 2nd Amendment is.

Fun fact: "filibuster" comes from the Spanish "filibustero"/French "flibustier." Both are adaptations of the Dutch "vrijbuiter," or "free-booter". In other words, a pirate.

Yes, that's right, filibusters have hijacked the ship of state. And pirates are hostis humani generis, enemies of mankind.

Think on this whenever you see someone defending the filibuster.

All this year, I've been teaching students about the concept of "ordered liberty," the balance between public good & private freedom. It's a fundamental idea when discussing American government.

We contrast this sort of political equilibrium with one of full, unimpeded liberty, or the "state of nature," where anyone can do anything they like to anyone else without any restriction. The only consequence is what others may do to you.

There is no ordered liberty when it comes to guns here. There is only a state of nature - a Hobbesian one that is nasty, brutish, & all too short. It is absolutely not what the Founders or Framers intended. Anyone who claims as such - that there's some unrestricted right to gun ownership and use - is blowing so much smoke up your ass you might as well call yourself a chimney.

Hey! I have a piece in this anthology, so don't miss out (I personally wanted to call the anthology Scott Snyder's Coat Tales, but you can't always get what you want!). Set a reminder for it today! kickstarter.com/projects/cloak

In , there was a shooting last week in Millennium Park - a 17-year-old shot a 16-year-old. Lately, teenagers have been gathering in large groups in public places and it's often gotten pretty chaotic, but this shooting is the worst.

The mayor's response has been to move curfew back from 11PM to 10PM on weekends and ban unsupervised minors from Millennium Park after 6PM. This is not the solution. It only criminalizes staying out late (especially as summer arrives).

If you want kids to stop doing stupid things unsupervised, then supervise them and channel that energy into better options - late-night basketball games, music performances, food trucks, lawn games (and that's just me asking my students 30 minutes ago).

It's easy to be punitive because it requires no further expenditures of time, thought, or effort. It would be better if the city were restorative.

Off the top of your head, your top six movies you can watch anytime, and consider as close to perfect as a film can be. Here's mine:

- Back to the Future
- The Sting
- Star Wars: Episode V -- The Empire Strikes Back
- Casablanca
- The Truman Show
- Jurassic Park

Submitted a work for the Ignatz. Resolved that I need to keep putting myself out there and making my work better.

You're gonna pay attention to me someday, damnit!

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