let's get some boosts for my boy! he's always been an endless well of positivity for me. he's going through it pretty bad right now so please just admire this beautiful boy for a sec and send him some good feels.

thinking about that guy who accidentally left speech-to-text on while playing the trombone

And this, kids, is why blocking alt-right-tolerating instances and moderating alt-right bullshit on sight is necessary:

tl;dr the playbook is:
1. create an account reposting popular conservative content
2. every once in a while drop-in a far-right meme, take it down after backlash (this measures the temperature)
3. once the follower numbers and temperature are right, go all-in on far-right stuff (and get banned, but also redpill a bunch of normies)
4. rinse, repeat.

@calculsoberic Help IS on the way! This civil defense film explains what you can do to assist your government in the event of a ! archive.org/details/Zombie_Att

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