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I have been browsing this directory today, wondering which one I should check out from the library. Does anyone have any suggestions? I listen to audiobooks so check to see if your recommendation has an audio book available. Black Authors Who Write Mysteries with a LGBTQ Sleuth - I Found This Great Book #Books #LiftAuthor #Book #writing

Been awfully distracted for the past week or so while on the job, and have started to zone out when customers call in cake orders. I'm sure I managed to fuck up one of my latest orders, and will have to hustle to avoid running into that customer this Saturday. I. Believe the order is due right when I should be clocking out, so there's hope.

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I wish I'd gone with my gut and not accepted this job. Something about the whole thing just never sat well with me. And that's partly due to me not pushing for a higher wage when I had the chance. Why settle for base pay when I have three years of experience for the job?

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Damn it, Bandcamp isn't listed anymore on store. is *the* defacto place 2be for independent (i.e. like me). And no one knows whats up. This kind of information I'd expect from the @Bandcamp twitter account. But no, nothing. :(

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y'all, this (the flags & associating them with pride, not the op) is a 4chan "operation," just like "pridefall." you will 99.999% NOT see any of these at pride, and most of them are designed to look like some lesser known, legitimate pride flags, so you attack other lgbtq+ folks.


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Death is all around us. I am not upset by this.

— Dastot ònulrulush, manager

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"The only thing you are endangered by is an excess of imagination," the captain laughed.

I bit my tongue; tempted to point out that we may be endangered by her lack of imagination.

But... maybe she was right.

Perhaps nothing lurked below the surface, between the shadows or behind the orbs of light that danced over the deck.

A fine tentacle uncurled from under the captain's cap.

I blinked.

She was tucking her curly hair back into place.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

This weekend was perfect, but having to work tomorrow really kills the mood. I get another 2 days off, but then it's a hellish 4, possibly 5 - 6 days in a row.

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Pink Floyd's The Wall is meant to be understood as a constant loop. Its closing words ("Isn't this where...") are the first words of the phrase that begins the album ("...we came in?"), with a continuation of the melody of the last song hinting at the c...

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A part time job with actual part time hours best suits my needs. Five hours a day, 3-4 days a week? Pure Bliss.

Customers are still shit, but that just comes with the territory.

Everytime I stumbled back to Mastodon, I question my objective. I've spent too much time alone.

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I'm at that point where I just don't want to talk to people anymore. Or friends, I guess. I feel like we're on very different wavelengths, as they almost always can't seem to understand where I'm coming from.

It's exhausting.

Patreon is one thing, but putting an entire podcast behind a paywall is something I can't get behind.

It only occurred to me now that an rss reader might be best. I like the idea of Mastodon, but like most social media, never really get anything out of it, either.

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White privilege raises its ugly head again inside the GOP.

Analysis | Kristi Noem’s posturing on ‘illegal’ immigration spotlights a common misrepresentation;

Many migrants aren't in the country illegally, and most non-White Hispanics aren't migrants.

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