What’s funny about my experience with the app is that not long after criticizing the governance and ownership structure I was booted off the app lol. Literally the same kind of behavior people are worried about with

@NothingAndTrash My mother thought of joining #countersocial. I was able to get her to pause that based on just the few things I heard from when CS defederated.
What is the governance and ownership structure at CS actually?


@mathlover2 I should have done my homework on it beforehand. The closest I got to answer before having my account suspended was sole ownership and control by the jester hacker guy. He apparently has unilaterally blocked access to the site from Russia, China, and some other places. The site itself is nothing but neoliberal Twitter resisters and it’s……*quite* an experience. Some really unhinged stuff.

@NothingAndTrash Oh my. I recall him blocking IP addresses from 6 countries, but the unilateral control by one person and the audience of unhinged people is concerning.
How unhinged are we talking about? Is it "cryptocurrency isn't just a scam, but a fascist plot involving Nina Turner and AOC" levels of unhinged, or something even dumber/stranger/otherwise worse?

@NothingAndTrash For the record, I got that nonsense crypto take from an article by a certain "Dave Troy" my mother got from Twitter and sent to me after finding it "fascinating". I then (successfully!) explained to her exactly what was wrong with the article.

@mathlover2 what I saw was more mundane than that. Mostly an obsession with surface-level politics (trump), but my criticisms of how CS was being run was met with some pretty serious hostility by random users. Which is just funny and ironic.

@NothingAndTrash Sounds like I was right to warn my mother away from there.
According to some old chats I found, when #countersocial defederated they told some egregious lies about the Fediverse and the AGPL to their members.

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