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My goal here is to create the most awful, unrelatable feed possible. All chaos. No vibes.

Glad I kept this account since it’s looking more likely that the Car Guy™️ is going to buy twitter

Murray Bookchin’s writing is a trip. Just pure complexity

Dialectics always make more sense after I smoke bowl

Beer tastes better after 25 miles on the bike and you cannot tell me otherwise

About to put on an old, slow-burn horror movie while I read a paper about the geography of cemeteries 👌

Not qualified for a job you want? Lie. Don’t make enough to apply for the apartment you want? Lie. Lie every chance you get when you’re dealing with the system. We’re roasting ourselves to death on a planet that someday won’t even exist. Literally everything is made up.

Rainy Saturday here so I’m about to start my annual 80s horror movie autumn binge

The primary joke format on twitter now is just lying about something that didn’t happen

Just got an acceptance email for one of my short stories. Nice way to start a weekend

Demographic generations has got to be one of the dumbest concepts we’ve ever come up with

At what point do we start admitting that default conservative ideology is antisocial and destructive to general society

Idk, call me a radical but all this stuff about loan forgiveness, inflation, etc seems to reveal a lot of problems with the concept of money

Black coffee in the morning. It’ll set you right.

I don’t know why I schedule meetings. I always regret it later when I actually have to go to the meeting

I think I’m a little tired of the *let’s take a historical figure and put them in a funny modern scenario* joke template. A break from that would be nice.

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