wow imagine being this fucking self centered that you people had to create this in 4th of fucking july, imagine doing this shit in the fucking communist china independance day and people would be like waaah racist on god fuck off

I would be celebrating 4th of july when its fucking 4th of july and nothing else. id be celebrating Guy Fawkes Night when its fucking Guy Fawkes Night. same shit with whenever egypt or kenya got their shit on. fuck OFF

I dont care about fucking ethiopia in 4th of july

I really fuckinhg hate bringing these shit up on the new account. there is a reason why I got a new fucking account. but it makes me disgusted at the very people who lives in america for being such pathetic babies and creating a hashtag such as that

yeah including glorius china ofcourse china is a person troo xi jingfpoing ahha yeah nice coock please give me more go ahead and die in a hole whoever fucking uses the hashtag


a fucking country isnt a person, its ironic the very fucking people who hate the government started it just so they have something to oppose with the cring!!!! mindless fucking kids just want to be part of a group just so they feel like they are deserved and included in a communi

Well, anyways. Thank god my trending country page is still some random african country or else i would have seen the trending. only a friend has told me about this

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