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I’m here to favourite your animal pictures and make terrible puns/jokes.

I like to talk about video games and horror movies like every other basic person.

I’m always awake, even when I’m asleep.

Feel free to follow and interact, whoever you are.

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selfie / eye contact 

Still alive despite myself.

selfie e/c 

Going out for pancakes is still allowed. So pancakes it is.

Why are geese so angry? What’s their problem?

Too hot to sleep. Too many spiders waiting outside to eat me if I open the window.

Sometimes I feel like I should toot something, but then I remember that endless screaming account is constantly posting how I’m feeling in a much more concise way than I ever could.

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Look. All I’m saying is Darth Vader’s first name was, “Darth”. Give him a break.

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Oh wow it’s Friday huh? Forgot about days.

Feels like I’m floating on a cloud.. of bullshit.

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message to all the hip cats out there 


message to all the hip cats out there 


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Yo rightwingers trying to join the fediverse: you're part of the reason we left. Fuck off

Here’s a picture of my dog, having been kicked out of her bed by my cat.

Feeling that “just ate a whole pizza” shame. Life is full of regrets.

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someone: I'm sick!! of this toxic culture!! of making fun of unicyclists!! it's as valid a circus-skill as any other!!

me: ???????????

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selfie ec 

@Nobody further update: fuck it, I’m going back to bed.

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