Okay, it was a big mistake on my part to read this saga of mind-blowing selfishness and foolery at bedtime, but Stephanie McCrummen has written an excellent story and it deserves everyone’s attention. These are the kind of people who make it so that we need to .


That was worse than the nightmares I was already having but well-written &important to read.

Selfish, entitled, asshats, who think a mani-pedi& a night at the bar are more important than the health of anyone around them.

Meanwhile, the workers are trying to do their jobs as well as protect their customers who don't give a shit about them.


They're a complete product of the party of delusion that the Republican party has been creating the last 20 years; they don't trust science, facts, or even know how to use their own common sense anymore.

They're willing to risk the lives of their own children and families and community members to make some vague, useless point.

My only peace comes from knowing the rest of us outnumber them.

@NatashaRomanova This is the same kind of behavior that happened in 1918. People got bored and figured it was safe enough.

@NatashaRomanova not saying it will be as bad as in 1918, just saying the psychology has not changed

@InternetKevin Yeah, it seems humans really haven’t changed much, after all.

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