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For Elizabeth,

for Kamala,

for Amy,

for Kirsten,

—but not for Tulsi or Marianne, because I don’t believe they were for us—

and always for Hillary,

and with hope for women who have yet to run,

my fire will not extinguish no matter who tries to douse it.

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Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination - CNNPolitics

Bernie Sanders is doing the right thing here. Now that he’s ending his presidential campaign, Democrats will be able to focus on defeating Trump, the real adversary. We can’t be each other’s enemies. Winning is too important.

Covid-19 is not racist, but society still is and institutional racism is largely to blame for C-19's disproportionate effect on black people.

Minority communities have FEWER hospitals, medical clinics, and doctor's offices per-capita than middle-class neighborhoods. Minority communities are disproportionately affected by worse transportation options, worse education, worse access to food, and worse opportunities for work that would provide decent healthcare.

You know the reason isn't what Republicans are claiming.

Federal Appeals Court Panel Reaffirms Texas Abortion Ban Under Coronavirus Limits

The decision allows the ban while litigation continues. Top state Republican officials have said abortion is an elective procedure and should be suspended to save medical supplies during the pandemic.

@GooseTheCat @IronMan I hope they use the line, "The Speaker of the State Assembly is not a brain surgeon."

Whoever runs against him, the commercial writes itself.

From CNN: Republican Wisconsin assembly speaker wears protective gear while telling voters they are 'incredibly safe to go out' - CNNPolitics

Need an abortion? We are legally obligated to provide them where you live? No airplane to England due to the pandemic? THERE MIGHT BE A FERRY, GOOD LUCK!

Some good news, although this rule has been suspended since 2018.

We simply must elect the Democratic nominee in November. We have a lot to fix. :captain: @HeroesResist

Court strikes down EPA suspension of Obama-era greenhouse gas rule:

Trump isn't working in a vacuum.

He exists because the Republican Party wants him to exist.

They need a corrupt ruler to achieve their goals of poisoning the election process and corrupting the House and the Senate, corrupting the Supreme Court, the State Department, the departments of Justice, Energy, the Interior, Education, Housing and every other federal department and office they can.

They've been on a 40-year crime spree - and we have until November to stop it.

@NatashaRomanova @IronMan

Good to see masks along with their great determination.

I understand the number of polling places were greatly reduced due to poll workers refusing to work. Understandable fear, but it means longer lines & threatening conditions.

I hope everyone who goes to Wisconsin polls to VOTE today returns home safe & healthy.

Representative John Lewis is battling pancreatic cancer but said he’d travel around America for Biden if social distancing guidelines are eased amid the coronavirus pandemic.

May John Lewis get well soon. May the rest of us draw inspiration from his words.


Contrary to a few stories, absentee ballots can't requested if you dont have one.

ALL Absentee Ballots must now be postmarked by TODAY - Tuesday, April 7.

If you requested but did not receive an Absentee Ballot, your only option is to vote in-person today, per the WI Elections Commission.

Share this information. Be safe. @HeroesResist
WisDems | Voter Info - Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

Kamala Harris: “If you’re able, take a moment this week to call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Send a message to your grandparents. At times like these we need to make sure we’re social distancing, but not emotional distancing.”

Not everyone has someone at home
or has a family
or a job to fill their day
or kids to be with
or a pet to play with.

Many people live alone.

Your call, text, email, card or letter could be the highlight of someone’s day...

Maybe yours too 😊


Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "People should not have to decide whether they can vote or be sick. That's just not a good choice for anyone in a democracy ... You have the Supreme Court of the United States undermining our democracy. It's really shameful, 5-4. Surprise, surprise."

Voters should wear masks, take their own pens, and take hand sanitizer if they have any.

This is voter suppression as well as endangering lives of voters and poll workers, courtesy of the GOP.

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