Flowers can die if you don't water them.

Flowers can also die if you over-water them.

Friendships are no different.

We learn the lessons & move on.

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Be sure that while you're pursuing your dreams that you take care of your body. Take care of your mind.

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Just a quick share of this crabby painting. Watercolour on wood test run.
I'm not sold on watercolour ground yet although it gives some posibilities. Need to test out more. It spreads like butter though and that was kind of satisfying.

Whole process was captured in the video that went live today. Link in the bio.

It goes with some thoughts on art and the process.

#art #crab #watercolour

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Argh, this was pure misery. But if you're so out of practice that a few #5MinuteSketch es feel like painting the Sixtine Chapel, you're out of practice indeed. Thanks for the torture, @Curator. Will try to do this more often.
#CuratorPrompts38 #CuratorPrompts37
#CuratorPrompts36 #CuratorPrompts35

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Appraoching thunderstorm came out nicely in post-editing. First one is single shot, second image panorama of 8 images stitched together in #PTgui (cylindrical mercator).

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Are you having trouble using Mastodon or PixelFed accounts on the official Mastodon app?

- You can use the official app for accounts on any Mastodon or PixelFed server, including servers not on the app's own list. When you're signing in, enter your server name and it will work (even if it's not on the list). Just type the server's name in full, and then your password in the password section.

- You can sign in with multiple accounts at once on the official app by pressing the account icon in the bottom right corner until it says "Add account". You can use the same menu to switch between accounts.

- To sign out of an account in the official app, select the account you want to sign out of, then go to the ⚙️ Settings menu, scroll down to the "Spicy Zone" and select "Sign out".

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Not every day I get to "use" a frog but there's a first time for everything, isn't there? 😅 (Duung Wetland, S. Korea)

Not into cats? Not Saturday where you live? Have a crab instead! 😀

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From Twitter just for anyone who is still using it as of the 10th of June the following will be scanned when using Direct Messages: Content, Recipients, Date and Time.

Previously Content was not scanned now it will be.

Remember when people were saying Mastodon isn't safe cause Admins' can read your Direct Messages/Conversations?


#twitter #mastodon #elonmusk

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