The Shrinking Lotus:

🔹️March 2018 vs. November 2019

🔹️India is inching towards a #BJPMuktBharat

The economy is in a mess, and the response to it is denial. That is far scarier than the state of the economy.
You realise that neither the Govt nor its supporters even know the extent of the mess. And, therefore fixing it is a long way away

After #TradeWar now #India suspends #Defense Cooperation after Americans refuse to give India high-end Jet Engine technology and Indians refuse to let the GE team take a peek at our Kaveri engine.

Is the Indo-US Strategic Partnership officially dead?


Who is ⁦⁩ blaming for the filthy water in #Delhi
India’s capital city is most polluted in all aspects - depressing !!



I tried my best to lay strong foundation for this nation as I strongly believed one day our next generations will make it the greatest nation which stands for liberty and freedom.


Glorification of the state,without an in-built mechanism to curb authority of the state,means complete subordination of the individual to the ruler or the ruling groups,thereby opening the floodgates of corruption,oppression,,exploitation and injustice. #india

PM Modi is architect of fear and vendetta politics in India, says Aatish Taseer "a very-very ugly thing for a democracy like India to be going after someone as small as a writer

‪The one man singularly responsible for making India into a Democracy, building the foundations of Modern India and its Institutions

The Supreme Court effectively defangs the teeth that previous Karnataka Speaker Kagodu Thimappa had put into the tenth schedule. Now it is upto the people of Karnataka to decide if they want to reward defection

While Sanghi Lie Machine circulates Fake Images of Coins of Hindu Gods issued by their Masters in East India Company, the Fact is that it was the great Mughal ruler Akbar who issued coins honouring the Hindu deities Ram and Sita

"SC To Pronounce Judgment On Karnataka MLAs Disqualification Case Tomorrow"

Don't be surprised tomorrow if

SC Observes:
- 17 MLAs were resigned from assembly under operation Kamala
- Horse trading was unlawful

SC delivers Judgement:
- 17MLAs are now given to BJP

This is the BIGGEST Telco in the world! No MNC would want to invest in India if this is the fate of a behemoth like Vodafone! Crony Capitalism (Mukesh Ambani) in cahoots with the Gov’t of the day(in oppPairoon before 2014) & the infamous bean counter Vinod Rai have destroyed the Telco sector!


Amol Palekar: "I was one of those few ones who stood up against Emergency, so in that sense, I was against Congress, I was against Indira Gandhi. But, because I was against it, I was not made to feel “anti-national” as today it is being immediately done.”


#MaharashtraGovernor 's recommendation of #Presidentsrule may just have set up a match between Marathi Asmita and Garvi Gujarat.

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