Is it worth trying to get rid of Google Microsoft Amazon Facebook and so on in your life?

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@Mixtape Did that to what extent I can (degoogled phone, no ordering from amazon, no facebook services, no windows, microsoft webapps required by school though)

Was a little annoying at first but haven't regretted one bit in the year or two since I dropped all that stuff

@SigmaOne @Mixtape this, basically get it rolling and always try to use a better alternative etc and if you still watch a bit YT so be it(though through Invidious/NewPipe/Freetube etc), visit a Website(with AdBlock), us M$OS(at work if your employer doesn't give you the choice) etc.
Its worth it also it is a good feeling to be able to stand up for what you believe.

@Mixtape they have their place, I just think they shouldn't have so much importance in our lives, ie, they need to get out of the 'social' business and concentrate on serving global services. Only those sorts will be able to navigate the search, security, political and legal concerns at that scale, leaving the rest of us to have our backyard barbecues.

@Mixtape unfortunately it's practically impossible to do so entirely - there will always be at least one thing you use that has links to AWzureoogle Cloud
But... It's still worth trying to do it!
„Google Microsoft Amazon Facebook“ whats that ?

@Mixtape no but actually yes, already living in China🥶


Plus I try to get rid of proprietary software from my life even when it's not from these companies.

@Mixtape some services like Fb i would get rid of in a sec if not for a few reasons that make me have it. with others I prefer to follow a principle of keeping the beast in its place and under control. there are still great benefits i can get from google or amazon, it's the "you're the product" part that i need to worry about.

@Mixtape I’ve not used any in many years and I’m totally fine and happy.

@Mixtape it entirely depends on your individual experience and what you're trying to achieve. My homelessness made me despise middlemen so I removed them from my life first.

I wanted data autonomy (not necessarily privacy), and doing business with Facebook and Google was antithetical to that aim because it specifically states in their TOS that they retain full ownership of content uploaded to their systems.

I'm kinda veering toward being my own ASN/BGP in ten years, who knows.

@Mixtape I'd say get rid of atleast Facebook, but don't get too deep into the degoogling rabbit hole, because it's not necessarily fun either

@unnervingduck @Mixtape I think if more ppl go even small steps it also has more impact than few ppl going very far.
My propose:

  • Use a different Search Engine
  • Different Browser(With uBlock etc)
  • Stop using Whatsapp
  • Other Social Media
  • Set basic privacy options in your OS

@Mixtape as a search engine I use startpage, I use libreOffice,
In the past 10 years I mainly used degoogled phone(cyanogen/lineage OS)
There are issues with this(e.g compatibility, ease of use, if you travel abroad a google phone helps a great deal)
I still use windows(dual boot with debian) but almost exclusively for AAA games that are not decently playable on other OS.
Facebook is the only issue for me, because it's the only thing that I'm required to use(friends/groups)

@Mixtape Regardless of the degree to which one succeeds or fails, actively attempting to not be some corpo's bitch is always preferable to passively allowing it.

@Mixtape I’ve removed Facebook from my life and currently degoogling. I’ve switched to Linux over windows (except for work, unfortunately) and I can’t afford stuff from Amazon. Pretty happy with where I am at but then I can also go weeks without needing conversation :)

@Mixtape While it's can be very difficult for non-tech person (and not sure if they will think of it as "worth it" afterwise, many people don't and won't see privacy issues as actually important downside), I think it's a good expirience to have (at least, there is a good chance you will need this when some corporate servers will be down again or if you will lose acces to proprietary apps for sone other reason) and it has a lot of upsides other than privacy (linux and custom android roms a lot more flexible, energy efficiant and customisable than windows and "android").

P.S. Can't say about amazon and facebook, haven't used anything related to them exept for amazon ebook which is dead by now and instagram, which I didn't like that much at all and quickly moved to local "facebook alternative" and recently to fediverse

Yes - when you don't mind losing all social contact.
Sent from a local public transport train, surrounded by 95% of the passengers staring at their smartphones. 🤨

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