Question : How to destroy a powerful nation easily without fight or without spending a single penny?

Answer : Just induct a fool/ megalomaniac / narcissist/religious bigot to rule that nation.

(BTW Modi has all four qualities)


@stux hi , I need some funds off my existing debts. How can I raise a fundraiser ?

🔹️States that don't choose one of Centre's borrowing options, may not get GST dues till June 2022🔹️

Modi Sarkar first violates its legal obligation to pay GST share due to the states, and now uses coercion & threats.



21 states accept Rs 97,000 crore borrowing proposal to meet GST shortfall



The way BJP-RSS claims to have passed a bill in RS without numbers, without audio, without division of votes & without any outrage on TV, has put on display for all Indians how they "won" the election where all systems were subverted & VVPATs destroyed in haste


"Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached."
- Swami Vivekanand

Good Morning Friends ☀️

"The Republic of India is facing a leadership crisis. The economic hardship faced by millions of Indians is severe. Hard won gains in poverty reduction are at risk. The Covid pandemic has not peaked"

- Abstract from article 👇


Lockdown was announced in March end.Labourers were not allowed to go home .

After 40 days of screaming most labourers have finally left.

Now , govt has allowed for gradual opening up of manufacturing & infra sectors,migrant labourers hv left just now,who will work now ?? 🤔🤔



LIC employees are protesting

BPCL employees are protesting

Thousands of Bank employees are protesting

AirIndia employees are protesting

BSNL employees are protesting

PMC bank depositors are protesting

While Modi is busy with mega PR events #WallOfDivision



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