Looking back through old photos. I made this at art college in around 2005. I called it “Ceramic Vessel”. A colleague called it “an eloquent rejection of domestic values” which I like very much. About 30cm tall, made from many pieces of broken crockery.

Wetlands walk, Wildlife Centre near Aberteifi, Wales. The walkway was out of action for a couple of years as the wooden deck had rotted. Great to see the route open again. Processed with

White bluebells, Aberporth, Wales. According to National Trust white bluebells are rare, caused by a mutation. In Aberporth there’s loads of them.

“Countries that struggle with the present take comfort from the nostalgia of past glories, real or imagined”, from Why The Germans do it Better by John Kampfner.

After much frustration & coating my flat with tiny flecks of gold & silver, I discovered this stuff called Deco Foil which is far easier to apply and comes in a huge range of metallic colours. It is heat sealed in place with a laminator which I already have. The design is printed with laser printer or photocopier as the foil sticks to the toner.

I gilded some butterflies with fake gold leaf. It was much more difficult than I expected. Luckily this stuff is dead cheap and I bought lots. These parts will be glued to a background made by spraying coloured ink on tissue paper. Might do the same in fake silver to make a night scene.

The Pont Abraham services at Junction 49 of the M4 are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales. Tourists come from all over the world to stare in awe at the fuel prices these bandits charge. In every language people are heard to mutter the equivalent of “who the fuck pays that?”. For comparison, Penparc near Cardigan charges 155.9 which is 28p a litre or £1.27 a gallon cheaper.

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