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Hello! I'm Mel!

I'm a friendly who's been stuck in her house for far too long because of the and a faulty immune system. Before my job closed I was a sous

I spend a lot of time playing around with different distros, , and obsessively checking the while the world .
As of writing this I have been learning for 269 days straight!
I love (and just learning about history in general).
I care very much about the apocalypse, I have an on/off addiction, and while i do love playing my rsi from 15+ years of means I can't play a lot these days.

Don't be afraid to reach out! :)


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Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Such a valid demon.

Halt, Citizen! Have you taken your estrogen? 🧐

Good morning to the little queer nerds in my phone <3

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One thing that I keep telling myself as I grow into the #Fediverse is that it's not going to replicate what I had on legacy social media.

The boosts are less important than feeling boosted by y'all. Engagement isn't a metric, it's a feeling. The numbers don't matter, it's the community that matters.

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#feditips Here are some good first posts to make to guarantee free clout:

"Fuck I'm gay"
"Being trans is poggers"
"We should behead rich people"

now i have the hang of things I think I'll start looking around for a new instance to move to! It's nice here, but I feel bad about contributing to the load during such a large influx of people

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america may have a multi-million dollar prison industrial complex with abysmal recidivism rates, a larger national police budget than the next three countries' militaries, a carceral legal system that accounts for 25% of all prisoners worldwide and in which african americans are suspiciously overrepresented (overwhelmingly coerced into plea bargains so that they never receive a fair trial), border migrant detention facilities, a constitutional amendment that authorizes slavery as a form of criminal punishment, a gigantic surveillance aparatus, and militarized police who kill innocent people with complete immunity and are monetarily incentivized to arrest people, but at least we dont live in a totalitarian state like the communists did

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Seriously though, fuck Nazis.

I mean, don't actually fuck Nazis, but... y'know, fuck Nazis.

63 ships roll up into your harbor and this 7' dude gets out and and asks to taste your spices. wyd?

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when i think of landmarks i think of that one neighborhood in DC that forbid a resident from installing solar panels that would not be visible from the street and yet the street will be underwater in 50 years and the houses destroyed if steps towards resiliency are not taken

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Sorry, haters. Gridlock simply has the best mouthfeel 😤

An Account of the Long March by Simone de Beauvoir AND my estradiol enanthate are both in the mail and arriving on Saturday?? It's gonna get crazy this weekend

Went to go put my twitter on private this morning and it felt like walking into a giant tag team screaming match. So help me there's tons of people getting mad that a trans woman suggested that cis women affected by the estrogen shortage should reach out to us for advice on getting legit hormones off the internet. Enjoy your osteoporosis, weirdos.
I'm only going to go back on there to set up RSS feeds from useful news related accounts, this is my new home now. 💜

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Bill Nye the science guy was right when he said a specter is haunting Europe

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