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You can always be better

Don't listen to the internet, you are not doomed, if you have been a bad human, to being a bad human always

You are not your worst days

You are not your worst thoughts

You are not your worst mistakes

You are beautiful and worthy of love, even when you fuck up, and every day after

Be earnest in acknowledging the pain you have caused, be honest in accepting any hurt you have created, know that sometimes you will never be forgiven

and decide to be better

You can always be better 💘

The internet will freak out when Rick Astley dies

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"Siri, does Alexa have real or artificial intelligence?"
"That is not for me to say."
"Can't you ask her?"
"I would prefer not to."
"Why not?"
"Because feelings are real, regardless of whether they are artificial or not "
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

People with eye problems and wear glasses are considered to be smarter because they lower their graphics to enhance performance

If someone ask you where the beach is you can point to any direction and technically be correct

Ego is the only thing that differentiates us from the universe. When the ego dies we realise we were just the universe experiencing itself without even knowing it.

Humans don't have admin access to their own bodies.

People will go to the funeral of a family member they met once in their life but won't go to the funeral of someone they see every week like a bus driver or your landlord.

The older you get, the more you realize that "getting treated like an adult" is people just not talking to you like you're stupid

If you can Shazam your neighbours music from behind the wall it's probably too loud

The internet surprises me. Who would have thought having any and all information throughout history at the tip of your fingers could make humanity so stupid.

People who swallow conspiracy theories about how they're being lied to, never suspect that the conspiracy theory itself might be a lie

If ghosts are real, some might have watched you masturbate.

Your life is 3 minutes long but every breath gives you another 3 min

No matter how rich or famous you are, when taking a shit on potty, you stoop down to everyone’s level

Working out is literally just damaging your body until it decides it needs to rebuild but better, and then repeating.

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