Read this when you have a moment. Then read what's in there when you have a month or two. They're good.

Correct! Thank you, Admiral. As for you, people, run while you still can.

...once people asked me to send them a couple of test messages so that they could test something.

So I told them:

What is the tree testing when it falls in forest without a single iOS device around for miles and miles and miles.

And then I added:

Oh, and there was supposed to be a question mark at the end of that last passage.

Were they satisfied? No. They asked for more.

By the way the answer to the earlier question about the tree falling down in the forest goes like this:

It's testing the OSX app, which too tends to crash when you're not looking.

Did everyone wait for me to change my private username to something ugly with an underscore to start mentioning me in every group message?

Somebody made an XKCD channel. Kinda feels weird that I'll be getting them in real time now and not in the usual way.

(My usual way being opening the site once in about a year or so and falling down into the abyss for a few hours instead of doing something important.)

So, unless you want to keep stumbling upon these pics in your usual way, whatever that may be, here's the link:

It is always extremely surprising to see interfaces improve on other apps and websites. Somehow you don't expect them to change, especially for the better (but maybe it's just a decade of watching Facebook grow unnecessary extra feet speaking).

Another example of improving interfaces is Wikipedia. I'm thoroughly amazed by their visual editor.

Especially the part that automatically processes links into proper references without the usual manual hell of misplaced quotes and brackets.

Marvellous progress that finally makes editing Wikipedia articles a question of knowing things and finding sources, instead of maintaining strict bracket discipline.

I remember reading a nice article on scams. It said, among other things, that victims of a scam are statistically more likely to fall for another scam in the future, not less.

There was a beatiful example, a nigerian-style scam that went somewhat like this:

In case you're curious, this is the best book on tech support ever written:

Tech support aside, I honestly think that the world becomes a better place each time a person finishes this book. It's not as much about talking to kids, as it is about talking to the kids in all of us.

Do your children, loved ones and the rest a favor and read it.

Telegram Stickers Essentials.

Here's what you need to properly communicate using stickers.

1. Fallout stuff. Especially 👍, 🎉 and 😝

2. For the bearded part of your personality. 😎, 😐 and 💪

3. For the furrier part. (this pack could have easily been smaller, true)

4. And never, ever leave home without senor Pepe. Take the classic ones, not the silly glossy remakes.

You're all set.

America was built on beautiful principles. Reality takes its toll, of course; and the contrast with those principles may make it seem more painful than elsewhere at times. But the beauty remains and gets even sweeter in its utopic coating.

Look, for example, at this finely-crafted decision by the Supreme Court on whether it is OK to use enhanced vision for surveillance without a warrant. True elegance and style:

(Spoiler: It's not. Can't fool the 4th amendment.)

Newsflash on the subway: "Five radical Islamists sentenced to 10 years in Bangladesh in connection with 2005 bombings"..

Never thought Bangladesh was such a hell for radical Islamists that they ship them there instead of prisons. 🤔

Hobos put their sleeping bags over subway ventilation grills in the downtown area. At -10° the warm air is steaming up visibly from the bodies scattered here and there. In some cases, the owner went away for a few minutes, leaving the sleeping bag behind – a crumpled pile.

Walking down these streets at night, I can't get rid of the feeling that I'm the guy from DOOM and recently discovered the rocket launcher. Or was it Quarantine?

Not a single fragment of this film is original. Ironically, this also happens to be the case with many of the lives we people live. Although this meta-story does have a twist most of us will never go through (at least literally):

Morphine is a nice extension that will help you stay focused on whatever you're doing:

- You choose a list of websites that often distract you and get in the way of getting things done.
- The extension blocks them so you can't open them just like that.


Finished "The Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson today.

It's funny how American authors are rarely satisfied with merely creating imaginary worlds and, having established them, immediately dip them into chaos. Dream landscapes, drug trips, visions, parallel realities, twisted time travel, collective conscience, total break down of order, civil wars, you know the drill.

Doesn't mean I didn't like the book though.

How terrorists can use encrypted messaging apps and what all of us can do about it:

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