The quality of Data used by Indian govt department is of very low quality. This affects decision making and obviously the results. Something needs to be done seriously about it

Is this the emo hour on this website.

I am feeling so lonely

Should be a land where the mind is without fear

And the head is held high.

The NCP laid down its condition to support the Sena and its leader Nawab Malik said the Uddhav Thackeray-led party should first walk out of the central National Democratic Alliance (NDA) if it wants their support.

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Shiv Sena is allying with NCP and Congress to keep BJP out of power. This is a good strategy by them. But is it acceptable to liberals. That's a big question.

BJP has Infiltrated the masses. They usually believe in dreams. The vote usually goes to the people who show a great future. There is no counter to this as of now. Opposition has a strategy?

Hi I am a farmer from the interiors of Maharashtra from the drought hit regions. I have seen it all. From extreme poverty to suicides around me. I use social media to talk about real issues affecting the community. I provide voice to the poorest of the poor.

Hello everyone. My first toot. How are you. Lets make this the liberal platform for exchange of ideas. Looking forward to interfering with you.

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