I'm thinking about getting an Android phone, as... maybe... a replacement for my iPhone, but I'm not giving up the iPhone just getting another phone to see if I can live with Android nowadays. So, I looked at the Samsung S21 and... no headphone jack. But I want good performance from my phone.


I got the Samsung Tab A 510, 10.1" and I'm addicted to it. Although I don't know the sound quality on Samsung phones, I am happy to crash research it for you. My biggest problem is I have not figured out how to play my 50 GB of mp4's on Android. VLC is supposed to play them, but if it does I can't figure it out.

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@MangoMamba Thanks. I'm with the Straight Talk carrier, and I'm looking more into the A52 and A72. These phones, even the S21 sound huge though, so I'm not sure like how big they are compared to the iPhone, I have the X R.

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