So I spent the last couple of evenings trying to dive through my Android device with the idea to get rid of Google Play, wrote numerous mails and way too much text on that. Few surprises, and a bit of disillusion again (as rather often with technology these days):


I can't connect to your link. My effort to get google play off my android devices has messed up my phone. I would switch to pine or libre phone but can't afford it at this time. Google Fi phone service fraudulently charged my card for authorized return of phone. Customer Service said they will only credit my account if they can charge me first. However, hundreds of online testimonials say it's empty promise.

@MangoMamba Sorry to read that. That's part of my problem however: Google Play is extremely deep tied into Android, and it's incredibly hard to fully and easily get rid of it. Problems like yours just emphasize why we still need to try. πŸ˜‘


Google uses near perfect market intelligence to muscle out competition. I would install FOSS phone OS but maybe it's like printers, too many models with too many updates and too much proprietary hardware to make it possible.

@MangoMamba I'd really love to see that, but I'm extremely pessimistic here to be honest. The FLOSS community didn't really manage to make a significant change to desktop OS market, and compared to mobile devices market this is a rather simple environment. And we're not even talking about selling apps by independent vendors here. 😐



Microsoft sees them as a threat. Amazon lists 20+ laptops that ship with linux. Several libre phones are on the market. Schools are teaching LibreOffice, not MSOffice. And the huge migration from FB and Twitter to Mastodon is exposing thousands to the FOSS community. The history of open software isn't written yet. I'm upbeat.

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