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So, where are these 2.4 billion people going to live that is not within the coastline? I call it the re-settling of the planet. In the streets near you in 35 years.

Can we talk? Not every man is a Rape Artist. Only half it seems. 😉​

Still, the half who be civilized, can we get Respect?

Oh what a rat race!! This is a rat race ...

This be Percy, the stowaway on Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica, that ended in shipwreck

Tomorrow pipl
Where is yo past
Tomorrow pipl
How long will yo last
--ziggy Marley

No chains round my feet
And still I'm not free

I've never known what sweet caress is
I'll be always laughing like a clown
Won't somebody help me?

'Cause my sweet life must be somewhere out there to be found

Instead of concrete jungle

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Where is the love to be found
Won't someone help me
'Cause sweet life must be somewhere to be found

Instead of concrete jungle
Where the living is hardest

In sw Utah, USA, my room and office are 18.8_C.

My Drs clinics are 22.2_C

I'm not getting younger. I have low blood sugar.

Turning the house temperature down any further takes serious strategy. An electric blanket lets me drop house temps 5_C at night. +Extra blankets. Super warm bathrobe. Non-skid house socks. Warm showers with loofah self-massage on arising. And of course, multiple shell-layers lying around within arms reach everywhere.

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the IEA says that if all buildings in the European Union turned down the heat by just 1 degree Celsius, the bloc would save 10 billion cubic meters of gas.

So why not 2C ?

We're the Survivors. times like NOW are when Real Survivors voices are loudest. They Say: "Save Us!"

We reply "We'll STILL BE HERE, after You Rocket Off the mess you left Us."

I swore when I received key to my 16th Floor Park Ave office with balcony summer of '97 -- I'd be Moses during Climate change. Geo-located in NYC most expensive zip code.
Well, I did spit shine the toes of my boss, Jim Hansen. And I co-authored with fellow urban climatologist from U-Ruhr, DE. Whi' wah' mmm?
Y'know. Loving!?

With assurances.
Knock it off.
Ukraine plays an important balancing point in "good fences make good neighbors"

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All together! Ukraine is officially Neutral. Neither Me nor Thee... but We. A special designation for Souls caught in the Cross-fire.

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Wall Street be pan-handling PNG to €. Be ye' Cold Yet toks Wall Street??

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I believe the West is going to cave on Putin demands.

The US has lost every war since WW2, and now we justify "Standing by our € Ally-partners" becuz trump sold his soul to Kim Jung Ill.
Sometimes there's strategy in being old man panhandler. --Marl Twain

I would say "senda UAV Valentina to Putin" but I would get banned. And please, I don't want that for free speech. "it's the vernacular, comprende?"

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Here we be. Russia invades Europe.
Where be you?

Where are our eastern-European brothers tonight? Plotting the downfall of Ukraine? Please keep the channels open for diplomacy.

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