Which one do you use most?

Reply to explain. Boost for bigger sample.
(Sorry for the edit. I put metatext too.)

@Makius I am using both Tusky and Mastodon right now (while Tusky is still having the majority), and ofc webapp for non-mobile
the problem with the official app is that it doesn't have some essential functions I'd like to see (for example it doesn't show who has boosted/favorited a specific) and it has some bugs that still needs to be fixed. However, in my opinion its UI is better refined than Tusky, and more efficient to use. I might remove Tusky soon.

@Makius Note that I use the web app on my phone and it works better than most actual *apps* for social media none of the above lol

(misskey user; nobody makes apps for us

@Makius Subway Tooter! You can run many accounts and customize it to look however you want :)

@Makius toot! bc u can make the app icon the Tran Genner Flag 🏳️‍⚧️

@Makius the web app for now, but I'm really new, so that could shift to the mobile app 😁

@Makius my main is subway tooter but I use tusky for posting media, its media description interface is much much better

@Makius Subway tooter and fedilab get a look in, whenever something prevents Tusky from working.

@Makius Mastodon Web App: Because I can type much faster on a computer keyboard than on a smartphone.


#tut is great, it's just what I always wanted for social media and works extremely well

@Makius but to answer seriously: mostly Toot! because it has all the functionalities the others have but works best (at least for me). sadly, I hate the UX

@Makius Seemed to have problems with the store app not finding the instance I'm on, so switched to browser and then web app from there.

@ComedyReflux @Makius You just need to enter into the search field fully.

@Makius I mostly use Android mobile apps. Tusky still can't do markdown or emoji reactions, so I alternate between that and Husky. Their rewritten interface awful, and I'm seriously considering just writing my own.

The other 25% of the time, I'm using either the Mastodon web interface or toot from the command line.

@Makius I skit between the Mastodon iOS app, Metatext, the default webapp and pinafore webapp.

Metatext has some layout bugs right now, and the iOS app lacks the facility to bookmark a toot. Each have their nuances I like, though I'd generally recommended the official app for a newcomer to start with.

@Makius Web app on desktop, Subway Tooter for Android

@Makius Orange accent colour rather than blue? Heck yes, it's better!! 😆 But Husky is a fork of Tusky, so there are many many similarities. But Tusky has some subtle UI tweaks that I just prefer.

@Makius Toot! for iOS, trying out metatext too but it has problems with custom emoji in names that breaks it for me

@Makius I use the “Mastodon for iPhone and iPad” app. Are you counting that as “mastodon for mobile” in your poll? (if so not sure that’s clear - at least it wasn’t to me)

@Makius I'm still deciding which mobile app I like best. I've been using tootle, mastodon, meta text, and oyakodon. So far, meta text is winning, but it's got high-ascii formatting issues. I haven't downloaded an app that costs anything yet.

@stevefox I haven't yet decided which app is better for Android, too (between Mastodon and Tusky).

@Makius just got toot! for iOS ($3.99 usd) just because. Wry solid so far.

@Makius I mostly use Subway Tooter on Android, I appreciate how customisable it is and how it lets me have various columns like the web app does

@Makius I use mastodon tab in Chrome on the iPad, because trying to open the notifications tab in Tootle makes the app crash.Also tried Mastodon for iPad and iPhone but I can't login with the correct mail and password!

@Makius I use both tusky and Metatext juuuuust about equally, but with a slight edge to tusky so that's the one I voted for.

+ Fedilab for Android

(Tried AndStatus before)

@Makius Pinafore (desktop web browser and also pinned to the home screen on iOS) and SubwayTooter on Android.

@Makius got a shortcut to the web app, works most stable.
Why run code on my device if it doesn’t provide any features I already got with the website?

@Makius I use tusky on my mobile and sign in online on chrome on my tablet

@Makius Choice is waaaay too small?
Yuito, Twidere and tooot on Android.

@oliver I didn't know there are so many alternatives out there.

@Makius For me Metatext is very clear and provides good features.

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