What about a big fediverse emoji collection on @codeberg?
Like the one from @puniko, but bigger, where everyone can upload there emojis, so we all could use the emojis from another...

I have already created an organisation.

please :boost_ok:

Tagging @stux, @volpeon
and anyone else you would like to tag... (These were the first people I imagined, who maybe want to share some of their emojis. 😁​)

@MagicLike very nice idea :cir_picaojo: We would like to contribute with some of our local emojis. How should we proceed?

I haven't thought about that really... 😅​
I created a repo, but I am not shure if we shopuld just dump all the emojis in one place or rather create folders with names / categorys of the pack. Are your emojis kind of grouped or something like that?

@MagicLike We group the emojis in different categories. For example, we have some indigenous flags, which could be part of a set themselves. I guess the best option will be to create folders for each set.

Nice, would it be possible for you, to create a PR and we could discuss the different categories there, so we could have a dir3ct result?

@MagicLike oh... and i almost documented few things too under info-links or foss-links org... o.O

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