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That is what everyone has to understand: it is not the war of Russia, it is the war of Putin!

What is your favourite impossible holiday destination?

#Holidays #Vacations #TheFediverseSpeaks

If there would be any people out there be able and willing to helpout my gf and me with support for some grocceries and such❤️ We still gotta wait a little week or so before the next payment :sad_cat:

Does anyone here have experience of running their own email instance?

Would you say it is viable for a non-technical individual to run their own email service?

Do you have any lessons to pass on?

#AskFedi #AskFediverse #AskTheFediverse

Happy #Thunderbird102 release day! 📩 🎉

Just to set expectations, we anticipate rolling out Thunderbird 102 by early evening, Eastern Standard Time. (This means it will be very late for our European friends.)

We'll keep you posted as the day progresses.

Customizable user roles are coming to Mastodon, with special thanks to @NGIZero #mastodev

Gibt es nicht eigentlich einen Schutz dagegen zwei Task-Manager öffnen zu können?

Dennoch gingen gerade zwei auf...

Man könnte meinen heute ist Montag, so wie der Tag beginnt xD

wir alle kennen das (eklig) 

"keine sorge ich hab bloß tuberkulose ich muss keine maske tragen *hust*"

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Was mag nach Crypto kommen? Vielleicht Procto?

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