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A cute necklace with a little cat paw!

This engraved chain necklace with a sterling silver heart-shaped pendant makes for a perfect accessory for anyone in love with minimalistic and sophisticated jewelry. Get one for your own jewelry collection, or buy it as a heartfelt gift for your loved ones.

Hello world! No, we are no spam account :blobcatgiggle:

This would be the Fediverser account for the webshop created by @stux and girlfriend(who may be joining the fedi...)

We want to create a responsible extra source of income to support the many free open source projects we hosts. In our brand new webshop you will find various eco-friendly created products 🌱

We are currently adding new products and making the finishing changes to the platform :blobcathearts:

After some suggestions we also changed the logo to be more clear :blobcatgiggle: thank you! :cat_hug_triangle:

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