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Why I'm not posting much lately, life stuff (cw -ph) 

Nothing horrible happened. I've just been stressed. I am having trouble with this new ac unit my apartment said we had to buy if we want ac. It leaks water everywhere when we use it. No longer allowed window ac. They didn't even say why.

Now I think our dishwasher is busted. The kitchen is small so it's hard to wash dishes, plus I have a chronic injury that makes it difficult.

This heat is giving me migraines. I really want a working ac. Ours is in warranty, but can't be returned to the store anymore because we bought it over 3 months ago. Plus, it just got discontinued. Wee, yay...

I just hurt, am exhausted, and am a little sad and lonely. You know, normal life stupidness of rarely having anywhere to go or do because of mediocre health. At least I got to go to the beach last week.

I'm not saying this story *is* the reason I started cutting my own hair, but it's not not a reason.

One day, after moving to a new town, I didn't know where to get my hair cut, so I went to the mall. This gentleman had his own salon, not a brand name place. I walked in and he had an opening. He sat me down, placing the cape around my neck.

He started talking to me. I am not much of a talker during haircuts. The man was extremely friendly. He was very sure he could get me to talk more. All of a sudden he stood me up, twirled me around and said, "let's dance! You need to loosen up."

Every bone in my body said RUN. But, I needed my hair cut so I stayed. I don't remember what I said or did. I only know that I got a pretty good haircut and a weird story out of it.

hey. answer fast. what was your first favorite song, as like a really little kid. i wanna know.

Hey everyone, I'm interested in fiction media about hidden codes (or similar) in art. So like, The Da Vinci Code (2006), Utopia (2013), or Nautilus which was an episode of Person of Interest in 2014. Anyone know any others?

Boosts welcome

About hiking yesterday, Cw: ph, mh 

I've had a rough couple of weeks. No need to go into details. But, yesterday I went on a hike to Cascade Head. I am in pretty decent shape, knee/shoulder/jaw/ankle injuries aside. Knee brace, shoe inserts, and hip & jaw exercises help all that.

It was a lifesaver getting outside and doing something yesterday. I hiked all that cortisol out. But, the trail was super rocky and steep. Man, did it hurt! I think I slept 12 hours to recover.

For some reason this trail was tougher than the 5 I did last month. Must have been all that stress.

When we were walking up the last quarter mile, the steepest part, a young cowboy just sauntered past us like it was nothing. Didn't even break a sweat. I could say we had a harder time because of camera gear, but that's only partially true.

Beautiful views! We made it to the top and even made it into town for sunset and pizza on the beach.

Writing stories, +/-trauma +abuse 

Ever have a great idea for a story, but realize that you are drawing so much on your past that it opens up great big wounds?

They say write what you know, but so much of what I know is tied to past trauma and abuse. I realize the story doesn't have to end like my own, it can be a happier story. And, my abuser can have no part. Might be cathartic, but it is still difficult.

I never wanted to write about what I went through, but it still has a huge effect on my life. A difficult thing to escape, trauma. So, what if I write a story about a character having a good experience and making different choices? I don't know if it would be a good story, but it might be better for me.

Not an octopus - my reference was an ai-rendered photo just for fun.

Tried drawing in an app, like a full blown drawing and not just a sketch or quick painting. Ouch, ma fingies!

(Eye contact)

Today, I still think soundtracks are interesting, if I find the right ones. It's like finding the friend I wish I had to expose me to new or interesting music.

While I have a greater ability to look up bands on my own and do research, it's fun to see the world through another's eyes or experience what other people know about music.

My favorites right now are:
Russian Doll s2
Our Flag Means Death s1
Umbrella Academy s1

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When I was a kid I couldn't afford much music so I really loved soundtracks. I picked them carefully. My top 3 were The Drew Carey Show, the Austen Powers movies (1&2) and Garden State.

From Drew Carey I learned about Joe Walsh, Iggy Pop, Tower Of Power, and others.

From Austen Powers I learned about The Flaming Lips, Burt Bacharach, The Who, some really interesting 60s music I'd not been exposed to.

From Garden State I found The Shins, Nick Drake, Iron and Wine and it opened a whole new world of Indie music to me which helped me find other new & old bands (probably the most influential cd I ever owned).

Drinking song playlist, cw: alcohol mentions 

Made a drinking song playlist with various genres. My partner's request. Not all of the songs are traditional drinking songs.
Playlist link:

I tried to keep it happy, with different types of alcohol or drinking styles. A few wistful songs snuck in. I toyed with adding songs similar to SIA's Chandelier. Wondering where the too depressing/ethereal art line is. Buckley/Nina Simone was close to that line for me. Beautiful song, though.
Another issue I have. My musical knowledge bias really shows when making lists. I keep trying to branch out more, but you can still tell where my strengths lie, i.e. 70s-00's, jazz, rock, folk.

My favorite O Brother, Where Are Thou? trivia is that George Clooney had his Kentuckian dad record all his lines so that Clooney could listen to and memorize them with the proper accent. When Clooney showed up for filming and started saying his lines, the Coens were like "dude what is wrong with you, why aren't you saying the swears?" and that is when Clooney realized his dad had substituted all the swears with gosh darns and shoots.

Got so into my 11th Doctor rewatch that I (almost) forgot I had 2 Ms. Marvels, and Irma Veps to watch, as well as a whole new season of Umbrella Academy.

What to watch first? ☂️🦸‍♀️🦇

I didn't mean to stay up to 3am, yet again, but here I am. Tonight it was an Elliott Page interview that led to a Taika interview and reading to wind down. This is becoming a bad habit. I should probably manage my time better.

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