Not an octopus - my reference was an ai-rendered photo just for fun.

Tried drawing in an app, like a full blown drawing and not just a sketch or quick painting. Ouch, ma fingies!

(Eye contact)

Not too bad representation of bees and lavender. Actually impressed. Kind of questioning 3 down and 2 across. Is that evolution?

Trying out a concept. A "double exposure" drawing. I may play with different mediums, but pencil was quickest way to get my initial idea out.

Almost ready to come back to normal life.

Yesterday, the place I'm at has kayaks, so we used them. Kayaked around a river near the ocean. Baby bream started flopping at the boat, then in the boat. Managed to toss them back in the water in time.

The story of my unlikely birch tree 

I planted my birch tree around 2016-2015 from an accidental seedling birthed from the two birches outside my window. It kept growing, despite the small pot size. I thought about bonsai. Life was very stressful at the time and I never had the energy/time to try this technique out.

Four years in, I found a large pot my neighbor was giving away and transplanted the tree. It just kept surviving. Now, this birch tree was past the rooftop and the birds were using it as a perch.

Today a gust of wind caught it's branches and sent it sailing off my balcony. It plummeted to the ground. The pot shattered into several pieces, leaving a crater from impact.

I took the tree to my parents' for now. It's repotted. The last year the tree was struggling, becoming root-bound. Maybe it will make it, maybe this is as far as the birch's unexpected life goes. I'm happy it lasted 6+ years!

Wildflowers I saw on my hike today. The little purple fairy slipper was the coolest find. I think those can be rare. I also haven't seen many wild violets.

Got to go on a hike today. Saw a beautiful river in a forest with lots of native wildflowers. Of the flowers I could identify, there were bleeding hearts, false solomon's seal, large fairy bells, and herb robert. I even saw a wild flowering dogwood tree.

There were three waterfalls. One is pictured below. I spent a lot of time taking photos with my "real" camera. I have too many photos to edit.

Walked around the park today looking at flowers and doing a bit of . I ended up doing some abstract photography and flower photography, and a combo of the two.

My last was out in the country. Very pastoral. Eagles were soaring overhead, geese were trying to make formations unsuccessfully, and the wetlands was surrounded by song birds chattering about whatever they talk about. Even saw one lonely cow. Poor cow.

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