Sometimes you order something sooo cool that the post people decide to keep it for themselves. 

Not really. But, it seems like a much more interesting story than what really happened.

I am slowly trying to read Sandman. About 8 years ago I started with two volumes, volumes I(1) and VII. I got what was available. I meant to find more later and forgot.

The show was about to come out so recently I ordered II, III, and IV.

The used copy of II fell through so I found another to buy, but it was tough. Seems like everyone else is buying II and likely I(1), as well.

I waited and waited for my last book to arrive. It was supposed to come near the end of August. I am patient, so I didn't check tracking.

Today I realized it still hadn't arrived. I look through my email, check usps..."delivered, August 17th." The weird part, not to my zip code.

So now I need to get someone to help me, either usps or the store. Btw, usps is not accepting my support email. 🙃 Yay.

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