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Hi. I'm L.A.
I was around about a year ago, then disapeared.

As for who I am, I do , , and am a former . I consume lots of media, like , , and . I am also an outdoorsy person. I a bunch and some. As for work, I am a trained musician, but my last job was tech. I'm focusing on art and writing again.

Boy, that was boring, and a lot of info! Mostly I just say stupid stuff online or make judgements. *Grins*

I think I am supposed to turn visible or something today.

A day late for Mabon, but finally got everything changed out. Looks more like Fall, even if it feels like eternal Summer. 🔆

Someone tell my front door that it's supposed to like keys, not reject them.

Luckily my door still locks. Someone just has to stay home until they can come fix it.

Even though I can't manage to sit through any version of Hamlet all the way through, I watched Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1990).

My kind of weird lit humor. I especially liked Oldman's optimistic airhead, who was easily distracted by basic science.

Is it Fall yet? Cw: stress, fires 

A small forest/field fire is now fully contained near my home. Luckily I was just outside of the evac zones, but that wasn't clear for 12 hours. So, I still had to be ready, just in case and be stressed.

No homes burnt and no one got hurt.

I just want Fall weather. Nice cool, rainy weather. Ooh! I smell rain!! Yay!


Went #hiking on the McDonald Forest new growth and old growth trails today. It was a bright late summer day. The pine trees and maples were looking well for this time of year. #photography

Sometimes you order something sooo cool that the post people decide to keep it for themselves. 

Not really. But, it seems like a much more interesting story than what really happened.

I am slowly trying to read Sandman. About 8 years ago I started with two volumes, volumes I(1) and VII. I got what was available. I meant to find more later and forgot.

The show was about to come out so recently I ordered II, III, and IV.

The used copy of II fell through so I found another to buy, but it was tough. Seems like everyone else is buying II and likely I(1), as well.

I waited and waited for my last book to arrive. It was supposed to come near the end of August. I am patient, so I didn't check tracking.

Today I realized it still hadn't arrived. I look through my email, check usps..."delivered, August 17th." The weird part, not to my zip code.

So now I need to get someone to help me, either usps or the store. Btw, usps is not accepting my support email. 🙃 Yay.

Watched Spinal Tap tonight. Honestly just didn't know what to watch and Christopher Guest cheers me up. Seeing this after my Flight Of The Conchords rewatch was kinda funny.

I've been invited to a family member's baby shower. I've only ever been to one and that was to help a friend set up for her daughter.

Two reasons I don't want to go.

1. It's gender exclusive. I don't feel comfortable. I've never felt comfortable with these types of gatherings. How do I fit in? Why am I even invited? The binary suuuucks.

2. Covid. I don't go many places because of my life situation, and so It'll be my second larger gathering (likely) indoors in years. My first being right after boosters and everyone was masked and in a tent, outside. This one, I don't know about circumstances. But, kinda worried.

Somehow I missed that bill wurtz has been back and posting new music for a year. Nice surprise.

What I'm to lately-

Tennis (new to me)

Beach House (new album)

Matt Berry (new to me, sorta)

Bret McKenzie (new album, not all out yet)

Clueless Soundtrack (for writing, but a good excuse to listen to it again)

10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack (for writing, but a good excuse to listen to it again, love this)

Harry Nilsson (Nilsson Schmilsson is new to me, but is music is not, thanks Mom)

Made me weirdly happy to hop in my car and hear a j-rock song on a local radio station. A definite first. It was ska-punk.

Such an eclectic station. Glad it exists.

Been struggling to figure out ways I can balance my fondness for wizards with autobiographical comic writing, while also simultaneously retaining anonymity while making art on a public profile. Think I've found a glamorous and elegant solution.

Movie last night was King Kong (2005)

So, Peter Jackson movies are long. The cinematography was gorgeous. The colors and backgrounds were eye catching.

I never saw the original, didn't know this closely follows the og story at first. For a while I thought I fell into a Jules Verne fever dream. Fun.

In the third hour, I realized, oh, this is the Kong story I am familiar with. Andy Serkis and Naomi Watts were amazing.

Big problem with the portrayal of the local tribe on the island.


I went ahead and watched Heavy Metal (1981).

I went into it knowing it was an influence for some later stuff, and that there were some well known Canadian voices.

One caveat, I've not seen Love Death + Robots yet.

So, Heavy Metal was...interesting. The last short story was the best, imo. Also, it had the best animation. The rest were kind of lacking in substance and I forgot to pay close attention to the music because the animation and plots were meh. I think the music was good?


"So you just adopted them?" the princess said.
"When they failed to defeat me," the dragon said, "they all said they couldn't return home in shame."
"You can't hoard princes."
"I'm not trying to. But someone must look after them. Anyway, do you see your brother?"
"That one!"
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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Finally. I finished the first six butterfly hair forks.

Materials: black coated steel hair fork; decorative wings made of wire with irising polymer film (reinforced with two lauers of clear epoxy polymer). Labradorite and glass beads.

I listed them already in my Etsy shop... soo, go and grab them :D

p. s. MSTDN10

p. p. s. Boosts really really appreciated. Huge thanks!

#jewelry #handicraft #handicrafts #hairstick #craft #crafts #jewelry

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