Lips are the interest point of our face, so, it's beauty must be preserved. Put on my love 𝗗𝗜𝗢𝗥 blue gold lipstick, and show a confident smile with a touch of velvet red lips.

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lain kali jangan telan mentah2 info yg belum jelas ya. biar ngga ngerugiin pihak manapun lagi.

Sorry to make it public. i'm looking for chinese rps, if you're one of them please leave a trace here :0130:

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A lot of people still unlisted.

Change your toots privacy to UNLISTED. People use this platform to develop apps and sites, receive news and share ideas. You're interrupting the information flow.


Just found the direct feature. I think it'll be better if you use that for asking a follow back 😅

@miinho hello, can you shoot me a follow back? 👀

@kongxueer jie, please shoot me a follow back in this account 👀

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