@pp I've many new projects, four new dramas in total! Two of them are expected to airs at the end of this year and the rest will be airs next year :0120:

@xiaozhanx9 haven't any object to kiss yet, ge. maybe i'll kiss my future partner :0120:

Lips are the interest point of our face, so, it's beauty must be preserved. Put on my love 𝗗𝗜𝗢𝗥 blue gold lipstick, and show a confident smile with a touch of velvet red lips.

林一 :verified: boosted

lain kali jangan telan mentah2 info yg belum jelas ya. biar ngga ngerugiin pihak manapun lagi.

@wyb007 such a waste.. luckily i just know about this and not trying to move my domain hahaha. mstdn social the best already for me lol

@wyb007 .... then, what happens to those who have already moved their domain?

@wyb007 you can see it on my profile ge! yeah being here is not bad, i also trying to comfort myself here... anw, what's happening? i saw something named rp vortex?

@wyb007 feel free to hit me up on Twitter too ge :0120: yeah it's clarified but most of rps immediately delete thier acc after the issue leaked lol. it's sad. also their rare usn....

@wyb007 chinese rps are very rare in every platform :0160: by the way, i was found dilireba jie ysd, but i think she's deac cause ysd issue...

Sorry to make it public. i'm looking for chinese rps, if you're one of them please leave a trace here :0130:

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