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Some random quick Mastodon tips which new people may find useful:

-You don't need link shorteners on Mastodon because all links count for 23 characters of your limit, no matter how long they really are.

-Make sure you include https:// at the start of website addresses so they will turn into clickable links.

-If you're using website Mastodon, you can switch to dark or light mode by going to ⚙️ Preferences > Site Theme > Mastodon Dark (or Mastodon Light). Some servers have even more colour options 🎨

-On the official app you can go to ⚙️ Settings and select Light or Dark there.

-You can report rule-breaking toots by clicking "..." on the toot and selecting Report. This goes to your server admin, and optionally anonymously to the rule-breaker's server admin too.

Did you say ?

Maybe I'm hard of hearing but I'm sure you said

Pass it on


All together now for those at the back



We are on #Mastodon!

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies in a privacy-focused environment.

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With reports that 56 MPs are facing allegations of sexual misconduct, Rachel Morris analyses how a Bullingdon Club mentality has seeped into the corridors of power


Just wanna ask a political question.

Would you like to see #Brexit to be reversed?

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#askfedi #askfediverse #askmastodon

A reminder to tactically vote at the Local Elections on 06.05.22. We have to before we descend further into fascism

I'm usually an eternal pessimist, but even I am slightly optimistic that we really can send a message to the Tories this time. The country simply can't survive any more of their crap.I think enough people are starting to realise that. Unfortunately, there are some that are positively gleeful about the corruption and depravity currently being exhibited by the governing party.

It is time for the Twitter Storm!

For best results either create your own tweet* with the hashtag OR, Quote Tweet* a tweet with the hashtag and your own words.

*Don't spam the hashtag, Twitter advises 2 or 3 hashtags per tweet

Book recommendation.
What would you do if you invented a time machine?
Jon & Caroline used theirs to go to gigs - they saw The Beatles at the Cavern Club, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix... but then something happened.

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