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@j_chaeyeoni its okay. Btw to use gif on the ava you just have to go to preferences then turn on animation gif ava. After you do that log in your mastodon on website then change your ava with gif there

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For those who are looking for a nice open chat service see :stux: 💬

It’s build with RocketChat so you can use those apps for it 🎉

Jaemin mana jaemim sini dong pengen nuna ketekin :blobcatbigfan:

Kenapahhh teel aku ga ada orang kesepiannnn,,.... Kan aku muk nemenin

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Sorry public🙏🏻

Roleplayer yang mau mutualan bisa langsung boots/rep aja, tapi wajib follback ya.

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maapin publik lg ehehehe.
anak erpe ayo folloan, boots? apa rep tersera :D

Btw klen anak rp pada buat acc di suvpen? Jawab please

// sumpah aku deg degan banget nangkep lizard di kamar :0171:

Oh mengapa aku public gada yang waro... Apakah gak nongol ini di tl?

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