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It seems the VP revealed today that they so incapacitated the CDC, it could not function when it was time to deliver tests, and the money taken from it was given to corporations (bleeding the CDC dry has been this president’s legacy—and still is in the budget for 2021).

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Malicious attackers can take over your device—whether it's a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet—and use it to find out more about you, spy on you, or plant evidence. Here are some of the ways computers get taken over, and how you can protect yourself. ssd.eff.org/en/module/animated

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Robert Reich
Say it with me:

Nurses are ALWAYS essential.

Farm workers are ALWAYS essential.

Postal workers are ALWAYS essential.

Grocery store workers are ALWAYS essential.

Truckers are ALWAYS essential.

First responders are ALWAYS essential.

Billionaires are not.
6:30 AM · Apr 3, 2020

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Mayhem Mellow D
Replying to

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Do you know how stupid YOU SOUND, lil trollbot ?

We see you #CorruptDNC .

Look up #AnitaHill

Creepy Joe Biden Hair Sniffing Compilation | Joe "The Sniffer" Biden...
This is a compilation of Joe Biden sniffing and fondling a range of women. This behaviour is creepy and very weird. #CreepyJoe #JoeTheSnifferBiden #MixClipMax
7:40 AM · Apr 3, 2020

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Massively lame at best; criminal at worst. trump's* new 'demeanor' is just another con. He is insincere in his every deed & word.

“Biss, please!” — The overview

By Raymond Johansen

‘Threats, lies, manipulation & the abuse of power’

The Backdrop

"all our civil and human rights have been eroded faster than, lets say, they busted all the unions.In the middle of this we see a remarkable increase in governmental overreach and, more connected to what this document aims to describe, affluent citizens using their money, power and total lack of morals to strike down dissent and quell free speech."


Yale psychiatrist: Trump endangers lives by waging war on reality, not the coronavirus

Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee is leading a group of mental health professionals calling for President Donald Trump's ouster from office or the "complete removal" of his decision-making powers on the coronavirus response.


THIS! About the wearing of masks. And how they completely fucked it up!

"The message was spread this way, in part, to try to stop the hoarding of masks that were absolutely necessary for medical professionals. The supply of these were limited and because our government seemed unwilling to properly prepare for a pandemic, we were caught short. BUT TELLING PEOPLE THAT THE MASKS DON'T WORK WAS WRONG AND A MISTAKE.


@EagleEyes @SenseOfOutrage

He "@SenseOfOutrage " actually blocked me for those comments. I shit you not.

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"Nah, he's just a stubborn dumbass Boomer. There's a lot of them in America."

Oh RLY! You want proof. Here you go.

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