Who would have thought that an elected member of parliament from the ruling party would be crass enough to refer to Godse as a “deshbhakt”. And this is the party that claims a monopoly on nationalism but doesn’t know how to respect the father of the nation

How to understand this?

Pakistan Supreme Court ordered to build hindu temple at the same place where Muslim mob demolished an old Hindu temple.

India Supreme Court ordered to build Hindu Temple at the same place where Hindu mob demolished an old Mosque.

I am bit puzzled 🤔

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

India's Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hindus over a holy site contested by Muslims means the international media should no longer refer to the country as a secular democracy.

India is now a majoritarian ruled Hindu fascist state!

@Kmkhan11 I will look into the issue with that gourav vallab, He smashed our sambit patra now he can't show his face in front of the media.
And now he is educating the young Indians in a such a manner that even I fear to argue with them.

Supreme Court is not Supreme in Sabarimala; but Supreme Court is Supreme in Ayodhya!

Hindutva dominance is as much about the pyschological as the legal. If you're feeling emotionally drained/resigned today, then that is a critical aspect of the Hindutva triumph yesterday. They won't make you 'legal' second class citizens, they will just make you feel like one.

Majoritarian privilege is to flout constitutional norms, manipulate institutions, overturn all principles of justice and the very idea of India to get a verdict, and then call it "National Interest"

Indian Muslims are political orphans today. Not a single pol leader has the guts to speak the truth about or speak for minority rights or seek justice or negotiate with govt as to when will the 5 acre be available, where will it be.

What disappoints me as much as the Ayodhya verdict is the fact that it was unanimous.

If there’s one thing that worries me about the future of our nation, it’s that.

He’s laying it threadbare. This is the murky reality lurking behind today’s unbelievable
Harbour no doubts that all will be well. These are bloodthirsty animals who have tasted blood now

There have been many historical verdicts given by the SC. But the is the first mythological verdict.

Those hu think Ayodhya verdict will bring communal peace r living in fools' paradise. Communal peace ho gayi to rajnaitik roti kaise sikegi?

This SC has showed again and again how it is totally subservient to the government. In their new Ram Raj there is no truth, no justice, no shame

The Indian media has always been used by the establishment to sell their political narratives. In the age of social media, IT Cells came into existence as a new channel for the same propaganda, but with a few extra dimensions of ugliness. But even without accounting for the IT Cell, the SM narratives usually parrot the TV media. In other words, it was as per a preset agenda that we discussed irrelevant topics like the faith of Nusrat Jahan aka "intolerance of Muslims" on multiple days. (1/n)

"...a majoritarian judgement was delivered within a majoritarian ethos to please the majority? Does it set a precedent?

Supreme Court Ayodhya verdict: Entire disputed land goes to Hindus, Muslims to get alternative land

Justice died 27 years ago, today it was finally buried

तादाद और ताकत की बुनियाद पर ज़ोर ज़बरदस्ती के इस मामले में यह मुल्क की सब बड़ी अदालत की मोहर है !

इंसाफ तो अब भूल ही जायें आप इस तरह के किसी भी मामले में....
खैर मुबारकबाद उन पेशेवर मुल्लाओं मज़हबी कायदों को भी जो इस पूरे सौदे के असल खिलाड़ी रहे हैं ज़िन्हों ने दुनियावी जाह ओ दौलत के लिए RSS की चौखट पर मिल्ली गैरत नीलाम किया है...!

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