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My boy, lil mans, gustabobbles, gusmus, princess (yes princess), buggerlugs, snotpot, lil angel, my sunshine joy, Angus, is having his last day eating treats and receiving endless cuddles.

He's my best friend. I had a stroke a few years ago and he wouldn't leave my side.

He's not been well for a few years and this past week things deteriorated rapidly. He'd had a number of seizures which left him unable to see and really confused. He'd lost a lot of his weight over the last 6 months and had a hormonal problem that caused hair loss and sores.

I'm so sad today.

We are saying goodbye to him this morning. Hes been such a good boy, the best boy.

Man draws a "Hug Here" spot outside his house and people love it (me also!)

Incomplete NFT. Down to $22,075 ono. If it was complete and/or good, it would have been worth much more. (Last year, my friend Jake97977780 estimated that a complete and/or good version would be worth in the region of $322,000,020)

As a contractor, if I don't work, I don't get paid so I'm really looking forward to the Queens Jubilee where I'll lose 2 days pay.
Do you think there's any chance Queen Elizabeth will reimburse me?

I spent too long thinking the pain was Crohn's related and it affected my appetite so much I lost a lot of weight.
I'm on the mend now. My weight has gone from 54kg to 65.5kg in a couple of months.
The main benefit is sitting down is so much more comfortable due to the extra padding 🤪🤣😅

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Turns out that pain in your stomach when you haven't eaten is hunger and not a symptom of Crohn's disease....🙄

Nothing says 'meh' me than news about twitter/Elon Musk....

It's easy enough to be pleasant,
When life goes around and around,
But the man worth while,
Is the man who can smile,
When his trousers are falling down.

(Don't one who wrote this one but I'm guessing it's a take on 'Worth While' by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.)


Was reading the news headlines to @CairnRaider The first was "Putin Bracing for a Coup" but it came out as "Putin Cruising for a Bruising".....
Who's with me? 🤙🤣😅

I regret the plans I made while I was in a 5-minute extroverted mood

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