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Bre%(ing ^*('s... 

@stux Breaking News! Nothing, there is nothing left... I can't see anything... It's dark, all black. Just black all around me... It's so, infinite... I feel like my sanity is going away, what is this room... WHAT IS THIS ROOM! IT'S SO @$!&ING DARK! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING... SOMEONE HELP ME- ..........

Bre%(ing ^*('s... 

@stux Breaking News! Nothing, there is nothing left... I can't see anything... It's dark, all black. Just black all around me... It's so, infinite... I feel like my sanity is going away, what is this room... WHAT IS THIS ROOM! IT'S SO @$!&ING DARK! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING... SOMEONE HELP ME- ..........

@stux The legacy CONTINUES! What will happen next? What kind of adventures will we see next!? STAY TUNED FOR WASHY'S ADVENTURE! Copyrighted by Stux Inc. Any and all characters/designs belong to Stux Inc.
Stux Inc. Or Washy Inc. Which one boys?

Some random description I made in SC2 lol. Military-based description.

Also in this post guys, I was just asking for how YOU would feel if it happened to you.

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I'M BACK AGAIN! And guess what... My monitor was fried from a supposed power outage probably. So now I'm stuck with one, isn't that just G R E A T! I am planning to get a new monitor now but now I just lost a monitor and once I get a new one I will probably need to re-arrange everything on my desktop -.- so that's all for now! Have a good day(unlike me .-.). For now, see ya!

How do you feel about this? Answer in the poll below(cause I want to see how you feel about this)

Hey. I'M BACK! So Roblox has been down from 28 to 31. Since of now, Roblox is back up. Turns out their potato servers DIED, Thankfully they're back up now. During the first few hours of the stuff going on nothing really bad was happening until the potato servers just shot themselves and Roblox died. Roblox made it able for a few players able to play games but then they put it in maintenance mode completely removing ANY playability from the site whatsoever. But I think at the 30th Roblox was allowing groups of players to begin playing again before everyone could play again on the website. Roblox is still coming back up as of now but sooner or later Roblox developers will release their games Halloween update. But for now, that is all I have to say so goodbye once again and I'll come back in like 3 months lol.

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🎉 is now officially 2 years online! 🍰

We have come a long way since the first days with over 50.000 local users and more than 4 million local posts! :mastodon_oops:

The is an amazing place with all kinds of people, cats, bots and more that make a wonderful family. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who supported, boosted and loved me over the past 2 years ♥️ :cat_hug_triangle:

You make this all worth while so much, thank you.

This has only been the start....
Onto a wonderful future and may the Fediverse grow into even a bigger family! :blobcathug:

Note: I am bit late on this. 

Turns out swearing is allowed on Roblox's spatial voice! But it has to be within moderation. This will provide more freedom to swearing on Roblox but what about the kids on Roblox that will hear the swearing? Unless Roblox is preventing accounts under <13 to hear spatial voice. But if a kid fakes their age on Roblox they will be exposed to swearing and sometimes maybe even use their parent's ID to use spatial voice, but I do think they would be easily caught for this as a result of a spatial voice ban. Well, that is my opinion on this! Have a great day.

Credits to Bloxy News for the info.

Bloxy News:

Bloxy News Tweet:

If ANY content in here is fake news I will delete this toot and make a follow-up one I will always try my best to keep fake news off of my toots.

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Recent drama with MyUsernamesThis has forced him to turn off his likes and dislikes after being dislike boomed for hating on a YouTuber called dumbskid they also said they were quitting Youtube after being boomed by reports on his stream. Honestly, I am thinking dumbskid was a fan of username too but I don't have confirmation on this. Honestly, I don't username after what has happened and would understand why he is being disliked boomed. After this, I just hope you guys have a great day and don't do what username has done today when you become a YouTuber.

Credit to scrimzox for posting a video about this!

Check out this video for more info:

If you all have read my toot 2 days ago update FNF's adding the Miku and baby blue brothers mod and I put in the neonight mashup which was an unconfirmed mod. I was playing FNF at some point and checked out that and saw it wasn't a mod so it's no longer an unconfirmed mod, Note I will not be redrafting and editing the toot about it as this toot has explained it clearly.

Note: If you are reading I will not be talking about the lore and speculating about what will come in the V1 update that was confirmed in the lore or unsure. This is completely my opinion.

Here is the demo lore if you want to read it instead:

If you have played the FNF Vs antipathy mod that has just got demo lore and confirmation for a V1 Update! In the demo lore explanation, they also said some grunts admire him and are going to be watching him in the background that is going to come with the V1 update. I am going to guess that there might be a shooting/gun mechanic like in vs hank accelerant, this has not been confirmed yet and may not come to vs antipathy hank or maybe a different mechanic will be put instead. I am also thinking that they may add cutscenes to the mod too. That is all I have to say for now about the demo lore and some confirmations. Have a great day guys!

Here's a question for you guys. What do you think about my toots? Do you trust them or not?

FNF has just got another update adding the Miku Mod in the game now! The three new songs for that mod are Endurance, Loid, And Voca. They added in another mod called baby blue brothers, and neonight mashup(Unconfirmed Mod) go check it out now!

Neonight YT:

Funky Friday:

Roblox has updated their clouds two days ago! My opinion for the update is below but, I think this update could make the game more realistic. But I don't really know about Roblox's moderation but I am hoping it will get better like their updates!

More Info Here:

Credit to Bloxy News for the tweet!

Bloxy News:

What I think for this update:

Honestly, I think this update will be good and bad. The new clouds that will be rolling out next week COULD lag older devices and phones. So hope your phone can handle it, but at the same time, I don't think it will lag phones but probably older devices.

Note: I was a little bit late on this.

Honestly, I really do not know how late I am on this probably a lot and don't know much if they uploaded them today or 2 days ago. I really do not know everyone and I cannot always be on time. So don't believe everything I say as I might make some mistakes go to links in the toot for info.

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