I've been hunting cardinals for weeks now, and I finally managed to shoot one. I was so excited to actually lure one of these guys into my yard!

This is a male northern -- the females don't have the striking red plumage, but are, instead, a lot more interesting in some ways, sporting tawny bodies with red accents.

I'm pretty lucky to have snapped this picture. sits at the very northern tip of the northern cardinal's range. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing one, growing up in . Here in , though, I usually see a few of them every summer.

@Kichae That's pretty cool. I had a good day yesterday, shooting two birds I'd not ever seen before: a Solitary Sandpiper and a Spotted Sandpiper. As for Northern Cardinals, I must have seen over a dozen-- they are one of the more common birds here in Maryland, USA. They are here year-round. Good for you that you got such a good shot of one! Even though they are common here, they don't sit around waiting to pose.

Yeah, I got off two photos in burst mode before it vanished. I'm still surprised it lingered long enough for me to grab my camera!

@Kichae Great shot! We have those all over the place here in Missouri. There's even a female building a nest in our front bushes!

You guys regularly have like 26 of them in your Busch!

@Kichae ah, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton... I visited only once, and fell in love. It's such a beautiful land. The combination of ocean, granite and evergreen gets me every time. Cardinals are awesome, too!

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