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Confession: I'd been holding this guy Vikas hostage pending the settlement of #ayodhya in my favor. Now that my condition has been fulfilled, I'm releasing him.

If he still doesn't come, it's not my fault.

I find it ironic that at least 90% of the people dissing on aren't able to string together a few words to form a sentence. They are the best example for why education is needed in our country! Given that, I don't know why we have to kill the aspirations of so many people just so that we can go around building statues and cow sheds.

@Deepsealioness Because inditoot refused to moderate hate speech, we have "silenced" them on our end. This means they cannot follow our users automatically, you instead get the choice to approve/reject, for your safety.

Some news clippings of the talk in Patna yesterday at Patna College. Patna University has been a source and starting point of so many democratic struggles in our country. Privileged to speak & interact there.

I love rules. I especially love the sound they make when you break them.


JNU - yesterday.


#Trivandrum #indian #coffee #house Where people meet, still. Drink coffee or whatever is available, with family and friends, still. Where people talk one to one, in today's tech world, still.

Shahjahanabad ki mashoor kulliya chat. Kulliya - cups are formed with the fruits & vegetables and peas, chana etc stuffed inside with chat masala.
A speciality of Old Delhi

Education should be free. There's no better use to the tax money.

Full support to the students of JNU who are protesting against fees hike.

Fight for what you want, because these fascists are not going to give it to you otherwise.

"I was one of those few ones who stood up against Emergency, so in that sense, I was against Congress, I was against Indira Gandhi. But, because I was against it, I was not made to feel “anti-national” as today it is being immediately done.”

Amol Palekar

Will we have to sit outside the Ram Mandir with begging bowls?
No option but to go outside the Ram Mandir to beg, I guess
Our rulers don't understand this?!
- three responses by protesting Honda workers to the Ayodhya verdict - via @anumayhem

Friendly medical tip: Boost your soul’s immunity with this one weird trick: Fight fascism

The most amazing thing about the @TwitterIndia and @sanjayuvacha controversy is that Twitter has refused to lift his suspension IN SPITE of clearly being in the wrong in tagging his post as harmful! And also IN SPITE of the publicity around it. Clearly a political decision.

This has to be a spoof right? Has to be a joke in a sharp piece of satire on ?

"National reconciliation....happens only when the demands of the majority are fully the spirit of generosity towards everyone else, the B- and C-grade citizenry....after a brutal lesson has been taught about the hierarchy of citizenship."

Ravish, one of the best journalists of our time, makes the sharpest comment on this obscenity.

जेएनयू छात्रों का संघर्ष ज़िंदाबाद

ड्राफ्ट होस्टल मेनुअल,
999% फीसवृद्धि,
सर्विस चार्ज
वापस लो!
ड्रेसकोड किसलिए?
होस्टलों में जेल वाले नियम और कर्फ्यू टाइमिंग्स वापस लो!

संघी वीसी इस्तीफा दो,
दिल्ली पुलिस, मोदी सरकार होश में आओ.

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