How sexist of me. I didn't realise men needed an additional "day" for themselves. Apart from the other 364, minus one for women.
Mea culpa. Happy Happy.

@ranjona Actually, I'm surprised how a lot of the messages I'm reading on Men's day are about embracing vulnerability and not being overly manly men.

If it's all about that, I'm all for Men's day.


@Memeghnad agree. Same here. This morning I considered wading into this and tweeting about male survivors of rape & how patriarchy affects men, & how men need to reject and resist patriarchy @ranjona


As a victim of patriarchy from childhood, where the 'manly' kids were always considered to be the best, I get where you're coming from.


@Memeghnad Today is the day when the "Ladke Nahi Rote" PSA should be played in every channel on loop. @KavitaKrishnan @ranjona

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