Orijit Sen says it all.
जिसकी लाठी उसकी भैंस
Might is right.

@KavitaKrishnan I faintly remember those grainy images of people on top of that tomb, shouting "ek dhakka aur do"

None of those bloodthirsty fanatics were booked.

@KavitaKrishnan Tell me India is a secular country with a secular Constitution. Tell me that you have full faith in the Constitution and judiciary. Tell me all that crap and I would be listening keenly for I need some amusement after a long long day.

Lekin ye batao "bhais badi he ya akal".
Chodo bhais ko, akal hamare pas he.

You lose some you win some...Clearly Gobarmint lost the #KartarpurSahib Gig to
Hook:Line:Sinker ! The winner is always the person who preserves HISTORY....
FAITH COMES FROM HISTORY..... Not from Myth...

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