Sanghis who say we can't peacefully critique contradictions & illogic in coz we must "respect the SC" - tell us, why did Amit Shah threaten to "uproot" Kerala Govt for respecting SC verdict?

@KavitaKrishnan The fallacy of "independent" institutions & pillars of (bourgeois) democracy is exposed! No state machinery is left untouched by fascism!

Everyone seems to have an Opinion on the #AYODHYAVERDICT
Some say, "We don't need Charity (Dole) of 5 acres of land."
I have an opinion also:
Take a Cue. This was difficult issue to resolve, politically as well as legally. What can you say of a system where the law allows G/god to become a litigant in the Court? It is unimportant whether you accept the land or decline it. It is however most important that all parties accept the verdict, and move on.

@Koshy @KavitaKrishnan
I cannot help it my friend. My privilege sticks to me for no fault of mine. I do no wrong to any person.
In a way I guess it is no different from someone else whose misfortune might be doing the talking.
Come to think of it you did me a great favor. In that I was able to contemplate we are greater than our privileges or our misfortunes. Our conditions do not define who we were. This is strictly IMO.

@Nikaroo @KavitaKrishnan

"In a way I guess it is no different from someone else whose misfortune might be doing the talking. "

What a ridiculous thing to say.

@Koshy @KavitaKrishnan
I do not see what I said the same as you do. Then again I am no judge of your insightfulness. I do not understand at the present time how it might be possible for “privilege” to speak for any person and by same token “misfortune” is rendered mute or ridiculous?
It is certainly possible you can help me understand your point of view in a manner that I at the present time do not grasp?

@KavitaKrishnan you really think that appealing to their sense of integrity and stumping them with contradiction will work? Madam they are hypocrites to the core.

@aamil4u not an appeal. A rhetorical device to make their hypocrisy clear to everyone else.

@KavitaKrishnan Loving this meltdown by commies. May u find peace today Kavita bcuz I don't think u'll get over this #AYODHYAVERDICT anytime soon

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